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Feb 12, 2007 06:09 PM

Greenville, SC recommendtions?

We'll be mostly downtown. What are some good and not too pricey places to try?

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  1. I'm going to be there Sat. meeting someone for lunch and picked Pita House on S. Pleasantburg Dr. near Greenville Tech.
    Search this board for Greenville, SC and you'll find some suggestions.

    1. Downtown:

      Lemongrass (thai)
      Island Blend (jamaican)
      Tsunami (sushi)
      Barleys (pizza is mediocre, but the best in downtown, great beer selection)
      Chicora Alley (decent Tex Mex/Carribbean fusion)
      Coffee Underground (good coffee, homemade desserts)
      Sprouts (salad for lunch)

      1. Oysters on the West End (on Camperdown) - seafood, good bar food

        Agree with Lemongrass (on Main) - great Thai food

        Soby's (on Main) Southern Cuisine - huge selection of apps/etc - entrees may be "pricey" in your mind depending on where you are coming from, but well worth it.

        Cazbah - (McBee Ave) tapas menu, something for every budget

        Barleys (on Washington) - love their pizza, though it's not NY style

        Paris Cafe and Bakery - (on Main) sandwiches, crepes, pastries

        Wild Wings (on Washington) - wings and beer

        Sushi Murasaki (on Main) - decent sushi and pretty good selection of entrees

        O (on Main) - great food and they do a $35 prix fixe menu (3 courses)

        If you are coming from a coast and have had sushi there - I would skip it at Tsunami

        Spill the Beans (on Main in the West End) has outstanding lattes and a good selection of ice cream.

        Coffee Underground (on Coffee) - good desserts

        I believe Brown Street Cafe (on Brown Street) is opening this weekend - jazz bar and tapas menu if you want to be one of the first! =)

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        1. re: ap65065

          I didn't know they had crepes at Paris Bakery! Are they on the regular menu? Are they new? What kind?

          I have been so terribly dissappointed by that place. The owners are so pleasant and so French, but the food is just a bitter dissapointment. The bread is bad, the meats are mediocre, the Nicoise salad had canned green beans and very inferior olives. The best thing I have had there was a pate choux dessert creation, and now they tell me they don't make those anymore.

          1. re: danna

            I am so sorry to hear that you have had bad experience with Paris Cafe- I was shocked to read it. As for the nicoise salad- i agree, but i have been there many times and that is the only complaint i have.(aside from an awkward wait staff) dinner is by far their best. I have had the scallops, mussels, steak frites, duck, trout almandine, just to name a few and i have never been disappointed. plus, they have an excellent wine selection. lunch/brunch is a little weak, just a little, in my opinion, but the soups are very good- most of the time the specials are a safe bet. all in all, i really enjoy it and i frequently travel from clemson for dinner at the Paris Cafe.

            1. re: warthur

              Dinner? I didn't know they served dinner. I'll have to walk down there and check out the menu. I really do want it to be good since it's just a couple of blocks from my office. Mind you, I don't HATE the place, it's just kinda mediocre. Thanks for the tip.

        2. Thank you! I will post my reviews.

          1. I want to try Island Blend so much! And I've always wanted to try one of those salad places.

            We fell in love with Chicora Alley's nachos the other night. They had a mango salsa, a honeydew salsa and a peach I believe. Delicious.

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            1. re: silonius

              Chicora also has fried mac n cheese appetizers. Breaded and deep fried disks that are great with their bottled habanero sauce and a beer.
              Obviously not for those with New Years resolutions!