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MILK on Beverly

Checked out this long-awaited new cafe on Beverly on Saturday. It was day 3 of business, so we were pretty forgiving of just-opened foibles and concentrated on the menu and quality.

The milkshake was out of this world - more of a sundae with milk than a true milkshake. We tried the strawberry shortcake shake, which was strawberry sorbet & vanilla ice cream, with yummy crunchy stuff on top. Really, really good, and I'd be confident recommending their other ice creams as well.

Sandwiches weren't bad, some interesting combinations, and the salads looked really good.

They also have a breakfast menu (served until 11am) that looked delicious, and a nice selection of pastries, which we didn't try, but I"ll be back for.

They also have some prepared ice cream treats - bars and whatnot - that looked really good.

We'll let them get some kinks worked out and be back (or order for takeout) - definitely for the ice cream, probably salads, and breakfast soon.

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    1. We tried to do breakfast there Sunday and they said they won't be ready to breakfasts yet until sometime this week. I wasn't in the mood for a milkshake at 8 AM so I headed down the street for a plate of brioche french toast at BLD.

      1. I checked out Milk just now, nice selection of dessert items. I had a taste of yummy housemade jasmine gelato, two ice cream bonbons (just 25 cents each!) and a pretty good Mexican wedding cookie. Espresso was good too. I might have to try the media noche sandwich soon.

        1. I've been 5 times in 9 days...ok, ok, I do live within walking distance, which is good b/c I'll be getting fat.
          They are still working out some kinks and I'm pretty forgiving on that, and they are always apologetic if it takes a little longer than it should.
          Here's my take:
          *the bon bons are great....such a great selection too.
          *The daily bars are like ice cream bars on a stick...OUT OF THIS WORLD.
          *the tangerine and blood orange sorbets are DIVINE also. So refreshing. Get them while you can b/c the Winter freeze really had a negative impact on the availability of the fruit and I have it from the horses mouth that they won't be making these flavors forever.
          *The ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies are great and I've already purchased dozens, literally, as gifts.
          *My friends and I have had the medianoche, grilled chicken and veggie panini's which were all great, although the little side of mixed veggies wasn't really my thing...it was, however, my friends..they enjoyed it.
          *they have some awesome malts and shakes too.

          Christmas in February.........yay.

          1. The ice cream at Milk is fantastic (the banana dulce de leche is genius), but I was a little disappointed with the bon bons, or "milkies," which were great in concept but didn't fully deliver. (The ice cream was too icy, which was surprising because it's really creamy in its normal state.) I'm willing to give those another shot at a later date. I've tried a couple of the sandwiches (chicken, roast beef, and ham) and liked them all. The cobb salad is good enough -- I like the green goddess dressing and that they use cheddar cheese instead of bleu, but can it still be called a cobb salad? Tasted the milky way shake, which was all kinds of delicious -- it came garnished with malt balls, for crying out loud. So good. I was also really impressed by the service; while it's not the most efficient (they're still working out the kinks), they're very accommodating. They just opened, so I can only hope it'll keep getting better. So glad they're in our 'hood!

            1. Hungry, let me know if you've noticed this...my issue with the service is actually a GOOD thing in terms of their business....they do a LOT of to-go business....but the input and ordering happens on a computer up front...so it makes it look like they aren't being attentive when really they are working their butts off...I think they need another terminal in the back....
              The milkies are hit and miss based on WHEN they went into the chiller up front....IMO.
              :) I'm sure we've probably rubbed elbows before.

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                Peanut, you're so right. In terms of service, they're working hard, but it's just not the most efficient system. As for the milkies, I think you're spot-on about that, too. I'm sure they're better when fresh.

                And yes, it definitely seems like we go to all the same places! :)

              2. I see you...................put down that Blue Velvet Cake and leave immediately! It's mine....

                1. went to milk with a friend yesterday.
                  we had two of the black and white bon bons
                  a coffee toffee crunch ice cream sandwich
                  and a strawberry shortcake shake

                  the bon bons were good, nice thin chocolate encasing the vanilla chocolate swirled ice cream. the ice cream was a tad bit icey but who can hate a bon bon?

                  the ice cream sandwich was amazing. they use macaroons as cookies there. slightly chewy with just the right amount of give for the ice cream filling. the problem with most ice cream sandwiches is the hardness of the cookie once its frozen, this option is the *perfect* solution.

                  the shake was made with vanilla malted ice cream, scoops of strawberry sorbet that was just tart enough and a crumble of cookie on top. delicious. and not too sweet!

                  i will definitely be back. i need to try one of those bars. mmmm.

                  1. I went last week and stood in a line behind one other person for 15 minutes..and no one offered to help me. I finally left..there seems to be a lot of people working there, but everyone is overwhelmed. Gave it a shot this week and again had to wait at the cash register while 7 people who worked there milled about. Finally got some service, but the girl had a very difficult time putting the ice cream sandwiches in a plastic carryout tray...I felt like I was on an episode of Ashton Kucher's Punk'd!!!

                    1. Cynaburst was in MCLE purgatory all day today, so PayOrPlay Jr. and I made a father-and-son voyage to MILK for lunch. All I can say is that I am glad we don't live closer to this place, I think it would devastate my diet. We had a couple of sandwiches--served on very good bread, his ham & cheese (with tomato and some other interesting stuff) was quite good, my medianoche was not as successful, the proportions seemed a bit off and the flavors didn't mix quite as well, or something--and we could only eat half of each, since they're fairly hefty and we needed the room for our milkshakes--mine the Milky Way concoction with maltballs, caramel, etc. -- terrific; while PoPJr. was extremely happy with his simple black cherry float and wants to go back rightaway). It wasn't excessively crowded when we were there--just enough tables for the people who were coming in. Service was competent enough, and friendly. The outdoor tables are rather wobbly, for a new place, and this demands caution given the very tall, filled-to-the-brim shake glasses. We must return to try more of the ice cream concoctions!