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Feb 12, 2007 05:11 PM

Best masala chai tea bags in Toronto?

I like Leiterri's (lots of spices and strong hint of cardamon), but the store at Bayview Village did not have them in tin cans so I had to buy the teabags as if they were drinks (1 teabag, 1 drink).

Anyone have any other recommendations?

Any other leiterri has the masala chia tea bag tins?

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  1. 'Stash' brand tea has a very spicy tea in bag form called 'Double Spice Chai'. Loblaws and Pusateri's carries this brand.

    If you don't mind loose tea leaves, The Tea Emporium on Bayview south of Eglinton has a great 'Kashimi Chai' blend that is really nice.

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      I find the Stash Double Spice Chai to be bitter. But if you are looking for it in the city you can buy it in Kensington at the organic shops or at strictly bulk on bloor at ossington.

    2. Thanks wasabi girl. I'll try to look for "Stash".

      Kashimi chai is made with green tea. For chai, I like the masala black tea :)

      1. Hi Soho, I just checked my bag of Kashmiri Chai from the Tea Emporium. Their blend is made with black tea. But give 'Stash' a try!

        1. You might also just try another Lettieri's - I have purchased the masala chai loose in a tin at their location on Front Street near Church, and I'm pretty sure I saw it at their Church and Wellesley location yesterday. They should also be able to tell you where to pick up the reusable bags that they use - I think they're made from hemp.