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Feb 12, 2007 04:38 PM

PDX Party Place

Looking for a place to hold a reception for 60-90 people, including small space for live music. Any recommendations for a venue that would, of course, feature good food?


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  1. A friend of mine held their wedding reception at the Kennedy School and it was great. The have the "Gym" which is very spacious and also a nice outdoor area. Although it's not high end food, the hors d'oeuvres were actually really good and I don't believe they were normal items from the menu. I do remember some kind of mini blue-cheese bacon burgers that were delicious.

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      Yeah, McMenamin's has a lot of good rooms that size (see also Edgefield: But I can't say that the food is very remarkable. I don't think that they'll let you use outside caterers, either.

    2. Thanks a lot for the good ideas. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of Mcmenamins does make it less enticing when considering them for a special occasion. Keep 'em coming.,..thanks!

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        There are some good restaurants that have private dining rooms, but I can't think of one that handles that large of a group. For example, Tabla has a private room, but I think it only holds about 20.

        Maybe going for a cool hotel venu and a good caterer would work for you. What about the Jupiter Hotel? I don't know if they make you use their catering. Some other places that I think do make you use their catering are Pazzo/Hotel Vintage Plaza, and Jake's Grill/Governor Hotel. I know the Art Museum can also be rented out for events. The Embassy Suites downtown, which is the old Multnomah Hotel, might have interesting meeting rooms, but I don't know about the food there. I wish I had more ideas for you!

      2. What kind of reception? Formal or casual?


        1. Casual - although is there really a place in Portland that qualifies as "formal-only"?

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            One spot you might want to check out is the remodeled Bridgeport Brewery. Their upstairs area would certainly hold 60+ people. It's a neat space.

            I'll think of more ideas... drawing a blank right now!


          2. Other than the hotels, who can handle large parties, you might check with caterers. They usually know about venues as well as menus. Talk to the guys at Simpatica catering.