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Feb 12, 2007 04:16 PM

Anniversary Dinner on O'ahu

Well, DH (dear hubby) and I decided to once again, go to the lovely islands of Hawaii for our vacation this year. Last year we got married on Maui, so it's only appropriate, right?

Anyhow, we've looked at a few places to eat, and I've read mixed reviews on some of them. So, give me your opinion....for ANY place on the island (we'll have a car, and driving is no biggie). Alcohol is NOT important as we don't drink (so, great wine lists are pretty much useless to me, lol). We don't like cooked fish either. lol. Although, raw is good.

Okay, so here's our list. I put them in order of what you guys have suggested in other reviews. Are there any others I should look into?

Alan Wong's
Hanohano Room
Hy's Steak House
Banyan Veranda (a thought, since we're staying the Moana Surfrider, yeah)

What else is out there? We're looking for nice, quieter, view would be nice (either mountain or ocean, but not city). Don't want to spend an arm and leg, but $125-$150 total meal (no alcohol), appetizer, entree, dessert is decent. I initially suggested one of those sunset cruises, and DH was nice enough to be more concerned about my motion sickness issues, so we nixed that.

Ideas? Thoughts? I'm so excited to go.........for the food of course. lol. Okay, and the beautiful weather, scenery, people, etc.


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  1. Of the list that you have provided, I'd opt for Alan Wong's King St. You might want to see reviews of several high-end Oahu restaurants, that I did in Sept '06,

    There was also a series of posts regarding Hy's Steakhouse, about the same time, but I do not really recall the consensus.

    Seems that there is/was a recent Hanohano Room report up - Torta Basilica maybe?

    For the Banyan Veranda, I've only had a few glasses of wine there, so I cannot comment on dinner.

    Happy anniversary,

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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Wow, that was one very intense review. Thanks. It helped a lot. I'll have to do a search for Hy's, and I think I did see the Hanohano one. I'm still looking around, however, I think the top three are AW's, Hy's, or Hanohano.

      Thanks. :)

    2. Alan Wong's (fave)
      Pineapple Room (Alan Wongs more casual place , 3rd floor of Macy's )
      Mariposa (Neiman's)
      3660 on the Rise
      Sasabune (best Sushi in Honolulu) (150- for two for lunch)

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      1. re: russkar

        Wow, 150 for LUNCH sushi? Ouch!!! I've been looking more and more into 3660 on the Rise, however, it seems like it's more of a loud type place. I need a quieter environment, but will keep reading. I'm going to go look into Mariposa's. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

      2. I didn't think 3660 was loud at all. It wasn't full, but it just doesn't seem like that kind of place.

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        1. re: torta basilica

          I'm with Torta on this one. Each time that we have dined there, the noise level was quite low - nothing like any of the Roy's. It's not as quiet as Chef Mavro's, or La Mer, but normal conversation is not intruded upon. That said, one can always be seated near an office party, or similar. Not too long ago, we were in Viognier in San Mateo, and one table, just a bit from us was out of control. After they were asked to keep it down four, or so, times, the management, picked up the check, and asked them to leave. Immediately next to us was a family with three small children. They were as well-behaved as the most serious adult diners. A joy to see, and be around. Too bad that some adults did not take a page from the children's book on behaving in a very nice, and quiet restaurant.

          Since I am very sensitive to excessive noise, while dining, I have to say that 3660 is quite pleasent.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Thanks. That makes me feel more confident about dining there. I went to Roy's here in SoCal, I wasn't impressed at all. And yup, VERY VERY loud. Too many times while on Maui last year, DH and I got stuck in the area with the "live entertainment". Honestly, I'd rather have quiet. I can't think when ppl play music loudly, nor do I want to talk. Too much noise, wears me down mentally, and how sucky is that when you're on vacation trying to enjoy a good meal? Too many were ruined last year by loud music or rowdy groups. I want more quiet time this year. lol. So, if 3660 is a quieter place than Roy's, it's defeinitely on my list. :)

            1. re: kelela92

              Unless something has changed, MUCH quieter.

              I, too, dislike loud restaurants. Some designers, chefs and owners, seem to really go for it though. I suppose that they feel it conotes a "happening place." I often wonder if they are trying to mask the fact that the food isn't what it should be. However, some just like that sort of atmosphere. Years ago, I managed to get a reservtion at Jean-Marie Josselin's A Pacific Cafe, Kapaa, Kaua`i. When we walked in the door, we were HIT by the noise. Everyone in sight must have had two cell-phones going! The hostess took one look at our faces and stated, "I'll bet that you'd like the 'quiet room,' wouldn't you?" We agreed and were lead to a room, just off of the main dining/kitchen room. She explained that Chef Josselin wanted to create an atmosphere, similar to the bistros of his youth in France, but realized that some folk actually like to dine in quiet. The room had a view of the kitchen, but all of the surfaces were soft, so the noise did not reverberate all around - an idea that too many designers miss. Give me a room, where I can speak in normal, or quieter, tones, and let me enjoy my wife's, or my guests' company.

              The only complaint that I have about the Chef's Counter at AW (recommended above by several) is that, because you are right atop the kitchen and the prep-line, it's noisy. The rest of the restaurant is quite a bit quieter, and more spacious. However, for the Chef's Counter, I'll gladly make an exception.


          2. re: torta basilica

            Thanks for the info. I'll put them on my list. :) Actually, they are on my list already.

          3. Okay, here's my list so far.
            (tie): Hy's Steakhouse (more choices for us food wise) and Alan Wong's
            Then Hanohano Room.

            I'm still looking into 3660 on the Rise, Ola, and Bali by the Sea. :)

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions and links. It's been VERY helpful.

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            1. re: kelela92

              Bali by the Sea has moved up my list over the last few years. About 18 years ago, I had a rather bad experience there. I skipped them for about 10 years, but my wife talked me into going back, "one more time." I'm glad that I did, because they had definitely changed their attitude and the service - new exec. chef, sommelier, everyone. I've been back each year, for the last 7, or so, and have enjoyed it very much.

              Now, if I had to choose between them or Chef Mavro's, I'd head over to King St and give up the nice view from Bali, but we usually have enough time, so that Bali always makes my list nowadays. Ask for a table over the ocean, when you make the reservations, and make them early.

              If you are including Ola, I assume that you are also staying on the North Shore, as that is very long drive, especially after a great meal and any wine. See my review: Ola is in the middle of the thread.


            2. Glad to hear you are coming back to Paradise to celebrate your anniversary!

              I'm going to suggest a venue that is not well known, even to locals, but which we've been going to for years and which has always elicited raves from any and all guests regardless of where they're from. It's the Ka Ikena dining room located in the Kapiolani Community College campus up in back of Diamond Head. Wonderful view, always excellent food, good (altho sometimes a bit slow), quiet, good service. Altho you indicate you don't drink, you can bring your own wine (we've never tried bringing other liquor since we only drink wine). Personnel are students in their last year of training before going out into the industry. Oh, and there's no tipping---if you wish to tip, there's a small box at the entrance for contributions to the program. Incidentally, I've lived in Hawaii, at the west end of Waikiki, for over 30 years, so I feel I can comment on restaurants and the food associated therewith with a fair bit of knowledge.

              The dining room is open from about 5:30-7:30 or so Tuesdays through Saturdays at half-hour intervals and reservations are required. Reservations may be made at 808-734-9499 Mondays through Fridays except for holidays. I would also suggest that you check their web site (, which gives you more info and a look at the menu (which is limited but the food is always excellent). It's located 10-15 minutes from Waikiki; I'm sure the reservations people would be happy to give you driving directions.

              I strongly recommend this as a possibility for you to consider. And regardless of whether you do or not, have a Happy Anniversary out here in Paradise.

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              1. re: Big1daddy

                Thanks for the recs. You are correct, in all of my travels, I have not heard of it, but will check it out.


                1. re: Big1daddy

                  i haven't been in a while, someone (not necessarily a reliable someone) told me it was not operating any more. Back to the OP's message. Seems to be doing good, although i think the budget is about $50 shy for two full dinners, even without adult beverages.