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Feb 12, 2007 04:06 PM

Sushi Agoura - simply ATROCIOUS

Went to Sushi Agoura with a couple people while I was in Thousand Oaks, on the rec that this was the best sushi joint in the area.

OMG, horrible. Just horrible. I ordered the sushi deluxe chef's special, which was basically the same quality as Gelson's sushi, and the other ordered the spicy tuna tempura roll (very disappointing and lazily done), and the other person ordered the spicy tuna with rice bowl. I don't know how they could say it was spicy, or that it really was tuna because it just wasn't decent quality. She actually said that Sansai was better. Actually, come to think of it, Sushi Umi on the cross street of TO Blvd and Lindero (in the mall where the TJ Maxx is) is alot better though nothing special.

To top it all off, we ordered the baked chilean seabass roll thinking that chilean seabass never disappoints. For the first time, it did disappoint. They doused it with the most god-awful sweet soy-based sauce, it didn't match at all. All this for $60+. Ouch.

That's it, that's the final nail in the coffin of the TO/Westlake Village culinary scene for me. There is nothing good in that area except the tacos at the Latino Market on TO Blvd.

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  1. Tacos? There are good tacos on TO Blvd? Where? For the love of God, where????

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      At "Latino Market" on TO Blvd. Going towards the Janss mall if you are heading from Westlake Village.

    2. That's too bad. I've been there a few times with my mom and it was very good. Not fantastic, but we were very pleased. My mom loves that place, more than she liked Sasabune from the two times I dragged her there.

      Hope it wasn't my recommendation that caused you to go there. If so, sorry!

      1. I used to like Hanami Sushi near the corner of TO Blvd and Skyline (just west of Hampshire), but ownership changed and quality slipped.

        In that neck of the woods, there's Shibuya in Calabasas, and I haven't been but I hear there's a sushi bar in one of the Agoura hotels. And soon, Suki 7 will be open where Cisco's Westlake Village location used to be.

        1. i totally agree. my friend took me there, saying it was sooo good, but i thought the quality was mediocre at best. i ordered the sashimi lunch combination, and it was barely edible.
          will never go back.

          Sushi Ko at the Lakes is a good choice, though. Let's not give up just yet!

          1. I take it back, the one in TO I used to like was named Hiyama.

            Hanami, on the other hand, is a terrible sushi joint on the corner of Agoura and Las Virgenes, though their bento boxes (to-go only) are pretty good, and their udon isn't bad.