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Feb 12, 2007 03:53 PM

Any favorite recs for Old City dinner

Any ideas? There will be a couple of kids involved..........

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  1. I don't have kids myself, but I might be comfortable taking my nieces (10 and 2) to an early dinner at Mandoline or Bistro 7, two of my favorites in Old City.

    If you want to play it safe with more 'picky-kid-friendly' food, Pizzicato would work. I see children there often, and the food is not bad. Another good kid spot would be Jones, close by to Old City. They have some of the best mac 'n' cheese in town, too.

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      Yep on Jones -- their entire schtick is Brady Bunch style cuisine and decor. You can get Duncan Hines cake with a glass of milk for dessert. Very kid friendly, although not exactly cheap. I've been twice and enjoyed what I had both times.

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        Jones is a good choice. If it's early enough in the evening, Continental is not an unreasonable decision and, now with the smoking ban in effect, Sassafras Cafe and its excellent burgers are a real option.

    2. Kids would have a ball at Cuba Libre - the decor is great, and the food is pretty good if you order carefully.

      1. I'd be hard pressed to bring a couple of kids to a small byo, especially French. You want it to be upbeat and casual without having to worry about the noise you make. I would go to the Mexican Post. The food, although nothing special, is easy to please with younger crowds (kids menu) and there is something for everyone. It gets pretty busy so I wouldn't try to roll in at 8pm on a Friday. Pizzicato is also a good choice. Race Street Cafe has good food and is very laid back.

        1. for kids, before 7pm, you could take them to Race Street Cafe (b/n 2/3rd st on race). Take them for desert at the ice cream/soda jerk place on market between Front and 2nd streets (can't remember the name). For something really easy, go to Soho pizza (b/n 2/3rd st on market). you can sit down in the back with the kids.

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              Just a heads up, the Franklin Fountain is closed for the winter until the first week of March.

          1. Thanks to all! I'll let youknow which one we end up with:)