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Curry in a Hurry - Open again

I am happy to report that Curry in a Hurry is open for business again. There was some speculation that its "closed for renovations" meant closed for good. As a CIH fan, I am pleased to say that it is up and doing well.

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  1. indeed it is...as I look out my window. It's too bad. If that didn't come back, I'd say there was hope for the neighborhood.

    It's even gaudier than before.

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      Can one get a burning vindaloo there? I always assumed it was a dump. How's the garlic naan?

    2. so what's the consensus on this place? i'm down there twice a week. i took a quick peak last thursday but walked out and ate at an indian restaurant a block or two away.

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        Based on my one time there, that was a very good move for your digestive system! (And I'm not claiming food poisoning, just saying that I got indigestion from that incredibly fatty food.)

      2. it's no tabla but i really enjoy the food especially since it takes about 5 mins to get in and out! my husband prefers to eat in our out apt and we do take out at least 1 if not 2x a week from there to get a fast curry fix. the chicken samosa is not bad either ;)

        1. If anyone is still interested in hearing about the food...Curry in a Hurry is one of the old reliables in the neighborhood. I have three favorites in the neighborhood. Curry in H. would be no.2. They have well-made CONSISTENT food with reasonably fresh vegetables. Their chicken biriani is excellent. I work in the Indian community and have for 20 years. I have eaten my way up and down Lex. and Curry in H is one of the best.

          We have had bad experiences with three of the Lex. South Indian restaurants when we went slightly late and were one of the last (not the only) diners. The waiters began dragging bags of garbage through and turning out lights. This happened at three different restaurants.

          1. We've split off a discussion about cab drivers' discriminating palates onto a new thread on the Not About Food board. You can find it here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/370951

            1. I've ordered from Curry in a Hurry at least twice, and both times received such nauseating food I'm at a loss to explain why I thought to give them a second chance. Horrid horrid food. Revolting. Usually if I get bad-ish or mediocre Indian I can rely on the chutneys poured over the pilaf and the naan, and still get something of a meal out of my order, but not so here. The coriander chutney they sent was creamy neon green, no exaggeration, and tasted so foul I wonder if it wasn't cleaning fluid based. Blech. Never again.

              1. Thanks Deeper..Happy to hear Curry In A Hurry has reopened. Even the ones who trashed it in the reviews conceded that they have some of the best naan, samosas and Tikka Masala around. Thanks from another fan!

                1. You are all making me homesick.

                  I'm a NY'er currently exiled to Los Angeles... left behind my apartment at 29th and 3rd. Many nights Curry in a Hurry was my pick up dinner after I got off the Lexington Ave. bus.

                  Give my regards to the samosas!