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Feb 12, 2007 03:07 PM

Walla Walla Restaurants

I am planning my first trip to Walla Walla in May, and in researching past posts, it looks like Whitehouse Crawford and 26 Brix are the top two restaurants in town. Any other reccomendations?

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  1. Do a search on Walla Walla, there's existing data including a post that 26 Brix has closed. Do not know if it's true.

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    1. re: Steve K

      From the Wine Press Northwest blog: 26 Brix has re-opened, and from previous Chowhound posts this is a very good thing:

      "26 Brix, the highly touted Walla Walla, Wash., restaurant that abruptly closed the week before Christmas, reopens Wednesday - just in time for Valentines Day.

      The restaurant was on the brink of closing for good and had even liquidated its wine cellar when it picked up community support in the form of "angel" investors, according to co-owner Krista McCorkle-Davis.

      26 Brix is at the same location at 207 W. Main St. and will feature lower prices and a new menu that offers more "comfort food" in addition to bistro fare."

    2. Do not miss the Whoopemup Cafe in Waitsburg. It's about twenty minutes out of Walla Walla -gorgeous drive, of course- and the food is fantastic. The best we had.
      We also enjoyed Whitehouse Crawford and 26 Brix. But we were last in Walla Walla in June. Hopefully someone will review the new 26 Brix.
      For wine, Abeja was our absolute favorite. We rented a house in town, but on our next trip we plan to stay in one of the cottages at the Inn at Abeja.
      We also recommend a casual walking tour through the historic Walla Walla residential neighborhood. There are some very fine houses.

      1. 26 Brix did close and it didn't look good but it hasnow reopened (I live in WW). Haven't tried it since it opened, but I understand the menu is somewhat different. I would recommend Whitehouse Crawford, Creektown and T. Maccarone. Merchant's for breakfast.

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        1. re: Rene Erm

          Agree that Whitehouse Crawford is a must but also wanted to second Rene Erm on T. Maccarone. Their spaghetti and meatballs is not to be missed! They get less attention than other WW restaurants but we really enjoyed it.

        2. I've eaten at both Whitehouse and Creektown -- both are really decent. While I am as far from a fast food person as they come, I have to say that the meal I enjoyed most in Walla Walla was at Burgerville. (Am I just off on this one? I was really hungry when I went.) Here's a webpage that describes the place.

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          1. re: GustavoG

            Huh? We have a Burgerville in Walla Walla? Where? Since when?

            Locals will tell you that the best burgers in town are at the IceBurg. Through the years with new owners, things have changed at the 'Burg. The usual speads and toppings taste...well, don't taste like the usual. They still make a good milk shake though.

            Fast Eddy's puts out a good burger, but the best kept secret on burgers is Barnebys. Best in town. Joe, the original owner of the Ice Burg taught the gang at Barnebys how to make a good burger. Now Barnebys isn't the prettiest of places. Kind of a sports bar, but the front area you can bring in children. The no smoking laws help, also. It's a great burger and they make their own fries - fresh when you order.

          2. There's no Burgerville in Walla Walla. Ice Burg is good, but for a treat, I like the burgers at the bar at Whitehouse Crawford. They come with great fried onions.

            26 Brix has reopened and their menu is more casual and prices lower. There Duck Confit hash is fantastic for Sunday brunch, but otherwise, I think 26 Brix is overrated.

            There's a great new restaurant in town: Saffron. We had incredible kobe beef cheeks and amazing flatbreads the other day. Definitely worth a visit.