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Feb 12, 2007 03:06 PM

Playa del Carmen - need rec's

Hi, My family of about 8-9 people are going to Playa in late April and I'd like to get some opinions on good places to eat. The youngest person in our group is 17 so no kids. Some in our group like cheap good taco joints, some in our group like a little more upscale so the more recs the better. We don't like watered down stuff!


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  1. There are a few current posts on the Mexico board to give you a running start. I'm returning to Playa next week and I'll report early in March on the whole scene. Your group of 8-9 is large; where are you staying so I may know your comfortable walking radius? Taxis for 9 is like herding cats in Playa.

    1. Actually I don't know if we will be staying in Playa, we might just do daytrips there from Cancun but wanted to check out a few restaurants. I did a search on this site already and found places like Trapiche, Floresta, etc..just wanted to get a few others. Thanks

      1. In all honesty, I stayed in Cancun a few weeks ago and we took some time in Playa Del Carmen. In my opinion the only reason you should ever go down there is to catch the ferry to Cozumel. Actual Cancun once you get out of the tourist zone is much nicer than Playa Del Carmen. Well, the hotel/tourist zone is great too, but if you want authentic mexican dining and experiences you gotta go into el centro and explore. We went to plenty of amazing restaurants there and it was very safe to wander around at all hours of the night.

        1. See this post:

          I can't say enough good things about Yaxche Mayan Cuisine - is great!

          1. I will second Yaxche, and add Babes, there is a Chicago something high end, carts are great, Go go great things by locals.