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Feb 12, 2007 02:55 PM

Best eats in Chapel Hill and Durham?

My husband and I are coming to town (my first time) in late February. We are spending one night at the Washington Duke Inn and one night at the Carolina Inn. We need some food(ie) recs. We would love a great carolina 'cue for lunch and then some fun, cozy restaurants with great food for dinners. Price is no object, but do not want anything fancy...something cozier, an in the know locals favorite would be fun. thanks!

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  1. I need to start bookmarking the long threads that answer these questions. Since I haven't done that yet, avail yourself of the search box & punch in the following, which should get you started, and will probably lead you to a few threads where this subject has been addressed fairly recently:

    Chapel Hill:
    Allen & Son
    BBQ Joint

    Rue Cler

    There are a ton of good taquerias in Durham, so if you're coming from someplace with lousy mexican food, you're probably going to get more pleasure out of a taco tour than any other single thing . . .

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      1. For BBQ and Mex/Latin American in and around Durham-Chapel Hill, Jim Leff's blog report pretty much says it all:

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        1. So disappointed! Piedmont is closed Tuesdays, the one night we are there! dubedo...what would be your second choice?

          1. Magnolia Grill! It's terrific! The food was everything I expected--absolute perfection with a low key atmosphere. Not stuffy, but warm and inviting.