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Feb 12, 2007 02:53 PM

Best place to take wine classes?

My husband and I are pretty into wine but certainly have a lot more to learn. I thought for Valentine's Day I could sign us up for classes, but I realized I have no idea where to go. I am interested in more than just a tasting in a wine store (we have done this at the Colorado Wine Co. and Silver Lake Wine) - a more formal class would be better. If the class has to do with pairing food and wine, all the better.

Anyone done one of these in the area and learned a lot? I prefer for them not to be on the west side, but if the best classes are there, we'll travel.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Learnaboutwine ( offers some neat classes at various venues -- usually around $60 a person. I don't see anything on their calendar for V-day though. I took their rum 101 class and learned quite a bit - esp. on how to make a killer mojito!


    1. They have good classes at the Wine House in West LA -- in my experience, there really isn't anywhere else in LA that has as comprehensive and high-quality wine classes as they do at the Wine House.

      You can find more info, including a list of classes, at the Wine House's website:

      1. Check - listings incl. the above recommended I've also had good experience with duke of bourbon in Woodland Hills ( Did UCLA Extension class years and years ago - not sure if they still run a class, but it was truly Wine101 - fun and a great introductory course that taught you about what you were drinking, how to hold the glass properly, decanting, stemware, all that stuff.

        1. Great suggestions - thanks to those who posted for being so helpful. I actually was not looking for a class on Val. Day, just to give it as a Val. Day gift, so one of the classes, or one of the many options on the page might work. I definitely do not want a WIne 101 type class, but luckily most of the classes listed seem like they would be well suited to intermediates. Unfortunately, it appears the Wine House has not updated their website because the last class listed was Jan. 30, 2007. If anyone knows if classes are posted elsewhere--theirs do sound great--please let me know. Thanks.

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            Try calling the Wine House. They usually have a printed list of classes that covers a three month period of time. I'm sure they could send you the latest list (or tell you about upcoming classes over the phone).

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