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Feb 12, 2007 02:35 PM

Chow paks to Iraq

I'm trying to get a couple of "original" packages off to my marine grandsons in Iraq. Both Chowhounds. Any great suggestions?
I found some fabulous jerky on another post. Lots of dried fruit and nuts. Red licorice and jelly bellies.
Please help me out. Can't be perishible.
Thank you all.

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  1. Unfortunately, the packs I've been sending off to a friend over there don't qualify as "original" or "good chow" -- just good old comfort food like single serving chili, beef stew, and mac'n'cheese. Hmmm... I know drink mixes, the portioned kind that you can just pour into a water bottle, were one of his favorites... not very 'gourmet' though!

    1. I would try to find variations of jerky and dried foods -- try Asian markets, and you'll find dried squid, longan, etc., which are great for snacking. You can also find ahi, salmon, and buffalo jerky at various markets.

      Perhaps some Maribelle hot cocoa? You can get that for about $20 at Williams-Sonoma.

      That store reminds me of some other items you can ship. They also have 'gourmet' honey (which can last a long time unrefridgerated), and jams -- like boysenberry, or other less common fruits. A favorite cookie of mine - thin, spicy moravian cookies are also found in the store.

      In terms of nuts, I would also add the chili-lime packages from Trader Joe's. Lots of spice!

      Best wishes! I really commend you on your thoughtful packages. It'll mean so much to them. If there is any link through which we can send chow paks, too, please let us know!

      1. would it be safe to send a dry salami? I'm making up a care pkg myself and used the suggestions above. Never would have thought of the single serve drink mixes!
        Thanks to all.
        also want to be sure you're aware of the usps flat rate mailing boxes for military care pkgs. 2 sizes available with 8.10 total shipping charge. send lots of chow for just a little dough.

        1. Not sure if this post will be allowed to stand but I'll post 2 very helpful links re sending chow to troops.

          1. Thanks to all of you for those thoughtful suggestions. I have tried the spiced nuts at TJ's. They liked them. I will try the Asian markets and I do believe dried salami would hold up. I'll give it a try.
            Good links for mailing info.
            This is a great org if you care to communicate or send stuff to the soldiers:


            We'll keep doing our part.