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Best place to get Apple Pie in San Diego (please don't say Julian) tonight

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Looking to take out the husband for some Apple Pie tonight (it's his birthday), we only have a 2 hour window (he has to get back to work) so we can't make a trip out to Julian. Any places in San Diego (we live near La Jolla) that serve a delicious slice?


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  1. Any Albertsons sells them! the one on camino del sur does for sure. that is where we get ours.

    1. Bread and Cie in Hillcrest sometimes has a very nice French-style apple pie. Not sure their hours, or if they have it all the time. Sorry, probably not as helpful as you'd like.

      1. The Farmers Market off Mission Gorge carries Julian Apple Pies, also Juilan pies shop in LJ (Brid Rock). Worst case maybe Coco's?

        1. It will always be fresh from Marie Callendars.

          1. Are you stuck on eating it at the restaurant, or you OK grabing a pie and eating it at home?

            If you want a pie from the folks that own the name:


            Jonothan's in La Jolla, Kiel's on Clairemont Drive, or Albertson's on Balboa are your best nearby options.

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              I think the apple pie problem has long since been solved. The original post date is February 2007. Somehow I don't think hubby is still waiting for that apple pie ;-)