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Feb 12, 2007 02:32 PM


I'm a great cook, but a terrible baker. I am also a cookie junkie. My 2 favorites right now are the PB cookies at Dahlia Bakery and the Mocha Chews at B&O. What else am I missing around town?

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    1. The best cookies in the Pacific Northwest may be the ones made here:
      Of course, you have to drive to La Grande OR to get them!

      1. I really like the Redmond Crisp cookies that Lisa Dupar has at Pomegranate (in Redmond, WA). They are perfectly crisp, yet chewy (in a caramel-y type way), and have coconut, chocolate and cornflakes in them.

        1. Specialty's Bakery. Gooey and warm all day! Fantastic.
          They have several Seattle locations. Downtown, U-Village, ID.

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          1. re: SeaFoodie

            Each time I have gone to Specialty's for one of there very good, if hideously expensive, cookies, I have asked the staff if they've ever met Specialty, but never got even a wink of comprehension. We have apparently lost the race to the bottom.

            1. re: mrnelso

              You crack me up. I think about "Mr. Specialty" every time I look at that stupid sign. Yes, the race is certainly lost.

          2. ahhh cookies ... right now I am into the chocolate crinkles at Vios and the vanilla sandwich cookies at that bakery on eastlake near the elementary school (sorry name escapes me) I did have an absolutely horrible cookie at Macrina (espresso with chocolate chip & dried apricot) it was dry & over baked .. but I guess one bad thing in many years isn't the end of the world.

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              1. re: oliveoyl

                You're a dream...Vios is walking distance from my place and a chocolate crinkle sounds right up my alley...thanks!