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Feb 12, 2007 02:12 PM

Am I missing something? or is Orris overrated?

i've been dying to try orris after reading great, glowing reviews on CH, so last night, a friend and I made our way to the sawtelle strip. showed up at 7:30 w/o reservation but was seated in 15 minutes or so.

i ordered:

crab and cucumber salad from the special menu

Fried chicken

curry tempura shrimp

scallop w/ mushroom

blackberry-cabernet sorbet

ginger creme brulee

all the dishes were way too salty, the tempura was SOGGY (in a japanese place???)... nowhere near being impressed. the sorbet was the only thing that i found edible.

i was mortified to have brought my friend there... will probably never visit again.

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  1. I went this weekend based on CH reviews. I was not impressed either. Fusion tapas= overpriced mishmash. Should have gone to Hide.

    1. I wonder if ordering off the special menu gets you better food. Went with my partner several weeks ago and so many things on the specials list looked great that we forewent ordering anything off the regular menu (including the ravioli which has always been superb, albeit way rich). The only disappointments were the deep fried, stuffed squashblossoms.

      I can't remember all of what we had, but beet and manchego cheese salad, the crab and cucumber salad, black cod, eggplant and numerous other dishes were all excellent.

      1. I think NAspy may be right about the special menu being key. I've been there a few times, always ordered exclusively specials, and always been very satisfied.

        1. Yeah I agree about the specials being special... the only time I've been there, the best dish by far was the only special I ordered: the ahi tartare/quail egg/pine nut/cucumber with toast appetizer.

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          1. re: chowmominLA

            the crab/cucumber salad i ordered from the special menu was soooo salty! i didn't think it was "special" at all.

            1. re: tuttifrutti

              But I didn't have that. I had the ahi tartare appetizer, not the crab.

              1. re: chowmominLA

                i know... just saying that my selection from the special menu was not good.

          2. Orris is absolutely overrated/overpriced. If you are hungry, I would not recommend this restaurant. I do not understand why so many people line up outside when there are three other fine restuarants on the same block. (Hide Sushi, Fu Rai Bo, and Chabuya Noodle House) I would mention Sawtelle Kitchen, but it is currently being remolded. If the menu did not have a description of the tapas, you would be suprised if there was a Japanese influence.