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Feb 12, 2007 02:09 PM

what to do w/turnips?

I picked up a bunch of turnips at the farmer's market yesterday but am unsure what to do with them. I'd like something easy-as it will be part of a weeknight meal, and I'll most likely be serving them w/flank steak. My go-to for most vegetables, especially when I am unsure as to how best to cook them, is to roast them in an high temp oven w/olive oil, salt and pepper. Do turnips do well with this method? Any other suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yes - roast them as you described and they'll be great...I like to toss them afterwards with a sauce made from a bit of nutritional yeast and braggs aminos and a touch of sucanat (unrefined sugar) killer!

    1. When I feel really decadent, I drizzle with some truffle oil after roasting.

      1. I've also boiled them briefly before roasting them and then mashing them like potatoes...

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          IMO this is the best way to eat a turnip.....even better boil some carrots along with the turnip and mash them too. It really brings out their flavor, adds some sweetness and a makes the final product a bit more colorful.

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            I also like to boil and mash, but I find that the secret is to boil them in chicken stock instead of salted water. The chicken stock tames the pepperiness of the turnip and makes it much more palatable. Otherwise I also boil and then mash or fry up with bacon grease and tons of pepper. Also very good.

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              A touch of freshly grated nutmeg is a wonderful addition to mashed turnips.

        2. If you got them at the farmers' market and they were freshly dug, they might have still had the greens attached like the ones I usually buy. The greens are delicious cooked with a little onion (and of course bacon drippings in my Southern household) and then cubes of turnips. Fresh turnips are sweet and need little to bring out their flavor. They are a nice counterpoint to the bitter greens.
          The greens are good as a veggie on their own or used in a frittata, just like beet greens.
          Turnips are wonderful just steamed with a little butter, salt and pepper.
          If they are very young and sweet, they can be shredded into "angel hair" or a thin julienne and served raw, dressed with a mild sweet salad dressing.

          Always try to buy turnips with the greens attached. You know they're fresh that way. They get bitter as they get old. Probably why people have bad memories of them from days when they were a winter storage vegetable. Those were just awful!

          1. If you boil and mash, here's a tip I learned from my mother...sometimes they are have a slight bitter taste after they're cooked. Simply mix in a lttle mashed potato and the bitterness goes away. You could also add a little brown sugar if you want.