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best princess cake in Bay Area?

Hi all,

Where is the best place to get princess cake in the Bay Area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Victoria Pastry in North Beach/Chinatown adjacent.


    1. Schubert's in Sf and Costeaux in Healdsburg are my favorites,

      1. My local grocery carries mini-princess cakes (about four servings) from Tortabella -- anyone ever tried a Tortabella princess cake?


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          Just a note that my plan to actually buy one of these and bring it to a planned lunch with two chowhound pals was foiled when our lunch was cancelled! I may just have to buy myself one for my birthday and eat it myself!

        2. We just recently started shopping Schuberts and trying their wares a bit at a time, weekly visit by weekly visit. Schubert's bakery is on the south side of Clement a couple of blocks west of Arguello. They have the princess cake with nice delicate, and not too dry, layers of yellow cake with plenty of whipped cream, a leathery top icing bullet-proof shield layer consisting of fondant and marzipan in a very appealing nuclear waste chartreuse color. Enough bittersweet chocolate glaze drizzled on top that it actually contributes something slightly nice to the overall gestalt of this sexy cake. Raspberry jam pulls it all together for a beautiful combination of colors and delicate flavors. May be some custard between two of those layers and a chewy cookie bottom layer.

          Actually, Schuberts is in the process of slowly driving me crazy on a drip by drip, week by week basis by consistently failing to bake enough of the pastry that I am currently in love with - the CUSTARD CROISSANT - so when I arrive there EARLY - they maybe have one left or NONE at all. Apparently, I am not the only person in love with these custard ballasted pastries. I was in the mood for gooey eggy custard - the kind that should be in a napoleon - but is NOT in Schubert's napoleon. So, I asked if they had a pastry with a lot of custard in it. I wasn't sure if the clerk was bragging or slightly embarrassed. "You want the custard croissant - it's got about a pound of custard in it." This is not an exageration. Whoever is buying them all up, please leave me some. PLEASE. Oh, excuse me. This post was supposed to be about the princess cake. That's OK - but that custard croissant! Oh - My - God!

          1. The best Princess Cake, aka "krumkake" in Norwegian, can be found at Draeger's Menlo Park. It has to be ordered in advance though. This is the only place my Nowegian friends order from.

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              A "krumkake" is not a princess cake -- as noted below, the Swedish name (it's a Swedish concoction) is Prinsess-tårta. A krumkake more closely resembles a waffle cone.

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                My apologies. I was trying to remember the phonetic spelling. According to my Norwegian friends, it's called "Prinsessens Kramkake".

            2. What exactly is a princess cake? I am thinking a sheet cake or something dolled up, lot's of decoration?
              Crixa Cakes makes beautiful cakes I would imagine they do princess cakes

              I Dream of Cakes- They are just so incredibly beautiful, artwork! and delicious- In North Beach-$$$

              Dianda's Italian American Pastry- Old school style in the Mission

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                For those new to princess cake (Prinsess-tårta), these two older threads may be helpful,

                FWIW, Schubert's uses a white cake, not yellow, and fills with whipped cream and custard.

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                  Thanks glad to have learned that! In that case I have had them from a real Swedish Bakery in Santa Barbara.

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                    Lucky you, please share on the Calif. board when you have a chance.

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                    Links to pictures of Princess cakes

                    The classic green princess cake with pink rose

                    Picutres of a cut slice

                    The less common pink and white princess cakes

                    Don't eat it often but still like The Swedish Bakery in Tibueron. I noticed Mollie Stones is making them as does United Markets in San Rafael, which has mini versions.

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                      The Swedish Bakery in Tiburon is my favorite, too. Gayle's Bakery in Capitola does an okay version of it, and there's a not-good-but-not-bad-for-the-price version at IKEA ($6 for a small, frozen, sloppy one that you can gobble in the car for a quick fix).

                2. I like Patisserie Delanghe's version. Corner of Fillmore and Bush. It's been our family's default B'day cake for years.

                  1. so do folks prefer Victoria or Schubert's, and what about Citizen Cake?

                    1. Schubert's princess cake is memorable for it's delicious taste ,texture,rasberry filling with whippped cream, and that color.I had one of their cakes years ago and have never forgotten my first princess cake experience(I've since had several more)

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                        I've had Schubert's and it's very, very good.
                        I've had Draeger's, it better but more expensive

                      2. Patisserie Delanghe 1890 Fillmore st./Bush has definitively the best Princess cake - any size or shape and even the individual slices or mini slices!

                        1. Since leaving Minnesota for the Bay Area, I haven't found an amazing Princesse Torte. I look forward to sampling some of the bakeries listed above. If you're in a pinch, you can buy pretty tasty small frozen princess cakes at IKEA. For a blog entry on the subject: http://www.lovescool.com/archives/200....

                          1. La Farine in Berkeley makes a very nice Princess Cake.


                            1. Dare I say it, but Miette makes one too. Anyone tried it? Is it like, two days old?