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Feb 12, 2007 02:03 PM

After Dinner on V-Day in Cambridge: Any good recs?

We are heading to dinner in Cambridge, but I'm wondering what to do afterward. Good romantic dessert place and cofffee? Or music and dessert?

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  1. I think Om is really sexy/romantic. They play great electronic lounge music. I had a terrific cheese plate with wine paring on my last visit.

    Upstairs on the Square has terrific desserts and is somewhat romantic.

    Rialto in the Charles Hotel re-opened last week. Desserts were pretty great before they shut down for renovations. I haven't seen the new space but I imagine it's terrific. The views in that room are lovely and I've always had superb food and service. I was reading that they added 30 new wines to their list. Makes me happy. :)

    Finale is another option. Swank desserts by candle light. I'm not a fan of the view though...