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Feb 12, 2007 01:52 PM

Bilal, mediocre Indian food near LAX

Went to Bilal, on Manchester in Inglewood, near LAX, largely on the strength of positive comments made here. We found the food to be very limp, insipid and certainly nowhere even remotely up to the standards of the better places in Artesia or Al-Watan in Hawthrorne.

This is very much a "don't bother" place to go. Far more interesting-looking, in the same strip mall, is a Jamaican take-out place.

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    1. Variety of different vegetable dishes, basmati rice, three different breads and tandoori.

      1. Bilal is a Pakistani restaurant, so obviously it is meat that is their strong point, not vegetables. I vaguely remember eating a meal catered by Bilal a few years ago, and it was fairly decent. Next time, try the kebabs, haleem, nihari or biryanis.

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          I had a aloo samosas and a lunch special a few months ago at Bilal that was a lamb shank with the usual side dishes, it was quite tasty!

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            maybe that is why when i had their okra a few months ago, i was underwhelmed.

          2. I think I posted here about a year ago regarding a bad visit to Bilal. It was shortly after their expansion/remodel, and it looked like maybe a younger son (?) was running the show.

            I remarked at the time that it had definitely slipped, but I have not been back in a while. If it is going downhill, that would not be surprise -- more business, more seats, less attention to detail...

            1. Couldn't agree more regarding Bilal: an unfortunate magnet that kept you and I from Al-Watan(only once, mind you). If you want to best Al-Watan for Pakastani you'll have to go to SF and try Shalimar on Jones.