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Feb 12, 2007 01:51 PM

Noodle Theory-College Ave-Oakland

The former Double Rainbow at the corner of College and Claremont is being prepped to be a noodle restaurant. There is a sign on the door about Pan Asian fusion and sustainable meats. Does anyone have more info? The sign says open mid-January (not) and they look to be almost done with the painting.
By the way, anyone been to WoodHouse yet?

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  1. Did work on this stall? I thought it was supposed to open late last year.

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      1. The remodeling stalled for a few months, but it looks great now. No menu up outside, but the earlier signs said they were committed to using natural, organic, and local ingredients and to accommodating a wide range of diets. I live in the neighborhood and got a wine-beer notice a while back, so I assume they're serving.

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          1. I imagine they're having finance problems. I've been to Woodhouse twice. A great replacement for Grasshoper. Wonderful menu. Loved the pork belly. BUT it is way overpriced for College Avenue. Great couple own the place. I wish them well, but at these prices they have to become a destination restaurant. I would rather go to Somerset. My 2 cents.