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Feb 12, 2007 01:42 PM

Nice waterfront dinner in Virginia Beach area?

Our family travels to Virginia Beach every August, and we like to go out for a nice group dinner one night. For the last two years, we've been going to the Blue Crab (I think it's actually in Norfolk?). The atmosphere is great, it's right on the water, but the food has only been mediocre. We need a new spot for our group of 10-20 (it varies year-to-year)...some kids, some seafood-aholics, some who won't eat seafood, some hardcore foodies, some more mainstream. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have always enjoyed Rockefellers at Rudee Inlet. They have a varied menu and run some pretty good specials during the week. We also had a good dinner at La Marinella off of West Great Neck Road. We ate there on a Sunday night and enjoyed the view of the local fishermen unloading and packing freshly caught rockfish, which I had for dinner that night. It was good. The Italian food there was so-so but the fish entrees were very tasty. There are lots of places to eat right on the boardwalk at the oceanfront. Check out for some reviews.

    1. Hmm, waterfront, that's a challenge because a lot of them are spotty. Chick's used to be great, but has been spotty lately. We went to Dockside recently and really like the flounder and shrimp but not some of the other dishes as much. Croaker's is very good traditional seafood but no view. All these are on Shore Drive.

      1. I usually like Waterman's (on the 5th Street I think.) I like their Greek Salad with grilled Tuna. Their calamari is one of the best I tried in the area. They have a nice view and atmosphere.We always had good food there but the service can be iffy depending on your waiter!

        1. There is some really bad advice here. Rudee's food is horrible and over priced as is most of the food at the oceanfront. Waterman's is truly awful. No knowledgeable local would eat at either place. For casual dining, Chick's Oyster Bar is your best bet. It is smack on the water and the food is usually very good. Something for every body. If you want something a little fancier, One Fish, Two Fish is right on the water and the food is outstanding. Also consider Lynnhaven Seafood. On the water but expensive.

          Finally, a serious local favorite that no tourist would ever find is Steinhilbers. The best fried shrimp you will ever put in your mouth.Waterfront setting is spectacular. Opened in 1939 and operated by the same family ever since. Expensive but a real treat.