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Describe your favorite Ice Cream Sundae

Here's my perfect ice cream sundae:

*Three scoops, one each of the following flavors: French Vanilla Bean, Rocky Road, Pistachio Nut

*Chocolate Syrup over the Vanilla Bean

*Caramel over the Rocky Road

*Hot Fudge over the Pistachio Nut

*Flanked by a banana, halved, and placed on each side of the ice cream with 2 large sheets of peanut brittle wedged in between the banana halves and the ice cream

*Topped with crushed roasted Macadamia nuts and walnuts and garnished with 3 maraschino cherries

*No whipped cream

And you?

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  1. 1 large scoop of coffee ice cream with coffee syrup and lots of whipped cream--my favorite

    1. my second favorite but right up there--1 large cold scoop of coffee ice cream with hot butterscotch sauce and whipped cream....

      1. Mocha Chip or chocolate ice cream, depending on my mood, with macerated strawberries and warm marshmallow topping. No whipped cream and never, ever , any nuts.

        1. jeez how many calories would that be?

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            My philosophy is, if you are going to have an ice cream sundae there really isn't any point in counting calories ... :-)

            1. re: luniz

              Calories are we talking calories here, or are we talking ice cream sundaes?

              1. re: greenstate

                i'm pretty sure you're all talking about ice cream sundaes...i'll just sit here and watch you enjoy ;)

            2. Vanilla ice cream 2 scoops, dark choclate (hot fudge) salted spanish peanuts. Otherwise know as a Tin Roof. No whipped cream.


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                My father-in-law grew up in New Vienna, Ohio, and they called those "New Vienna Nuts" at the ice cream stand (no longer serving New Vienna Nuts). My husband still talks about them & tries to replicate them at home.

                And of course, DQ calls them Peanut Buster Parfaits. :)

                They ARE good!!

              2. I'm a basic sundae kind of girl -- french vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, toasted walnuts and whipped cream. Must have lots and lots of whipped cream!

                1. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream 2 scoops. Top one scoop with hot fudge, pecans and real whipped cream and top the other scoop with Smuckers Dulce de Leche sauce, nothing else. If Blue Bell isn't available, the most premium vanilla ice cream that I can find.

                  1. Chubby hubby ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate sauce, peanuts, and lots of whipped cream.

                    1. Mint Chip ice cream and hot fudge. No whipped cream.

                      Or Vanilla Bean with Nutella -- again no whipped.

                      1. I love a brownie sundae - homemade brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce, with or without whipped cream.

                        One of my favorites to do at home as a last-minute dessert is banana split sundae. It's easy to do fairly low added sugar -- some of us have to worry about that :( . Bananas either around the edges or dropped in chunks in the bowl. Vanilla ice cream scoops - 1 topped with hot fudge/chocolate sauce, 1 with caramel, and one with some kind of fruit topping (in my low-sugar version, it's usually a no-sugar-added jelly). And topped with whipped cream.

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                          Ditto on the brownie sundae. And since it's my ideal sundae, I'll add toasted almonds, a caramel swirl to the ice cream, and raspberries on the plate.

                        2. Hot Fudge Sundae from Dairy Queen. There is no other for me.

                          1. Indulgent: cinnamon ice cream, crushed graham crackers, fudge sauce

                            Virtuous: Turkey Hill fat-free/sugar-free cherry fudge ripple ice cream, crushed Corn Bran cereal, sliced banana, Cool Whip Free

                            1. Out of the Box Sundae Method

                              What bother me the most about my favorite sundae is basic chemistry. Heat melts ice cream. Since I LOVE ice cream, it troubles me that my second favorite item, Hot Fudge/Caramel attacks the 'scream. So I developed a way to maximize the amount of un-melted ice cream when i eat hot toppings. It's called the Mulit-Bowler Sundae.

                              The basic concept is separation. Keep the hot ingredients away from the frozen ingredients until the last minute.

                              Basic construct is:

                              Bowl 1 - Ice cream and all non-heated ingredients, including bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, cherries, granola, nuts...you name it
                              Bowl 2 - Hot ingredient number 1 - This always has hot fudge in it
                              Bowl 3 - Hot ingredient number 2 - Usually contains hot caramel

                              Method of eating. As you eat the "sundae", take a scoop of ice cream, et. al. and scoop it through the hot sauce of your choice, sorta like a chip through salsa. This can be reversed by taking some sauce and then going after the ice cream, et. al.

                              You will find that using this method allow for the greatest amount of actual ice cream and sauce mix, minimizes the "soupy stuff" at the end of the sundae (although some people want this more than the sundae, not me), and lengthens the time and pleasure of each bite.

                              Warning - this method does NOT work well sitting on the couch with the bowls balancing on your belly.

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                              1. re: jfood

                                I must shamefully admit that I have heated my sauces and moved ice cream container (with ice cream slightly softened), sauces, whipped cream, and long-handled spoon to a tv tray and sat and indulged most gluttonously!

                              2. Soft-serve vanilla with butterscotch sauce and sprinkles. No whip. Many maraschino cherries.
                                Mint chocolate chip with chocolate sauce- NOT hot fudge. Important distinction, that.
                                Now I want ice cream....

                                1. There used to be a place in Boston, Bailey's, that served the most outrageous sundae that I still hold to be the "be all & end all" of sundaes!! Thinking about them still make me salivate...

                                  Peppermint stick ice cream, hot fudge sauce dripping all over the plate, marshmallow sauce dripping over it all!

                                  1. Number 1 - peppermint stick ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow, no whip, nuts optional

                                    Number 2 - vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter

                                    Number 3 - oreo cookie ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallows, whip, nuts and a cherry

                                    I've been craving a sundae for weeks...might have to indulge now!

                                    1. Mine is perfect because it reminds me of my childhood and my mom: a Reverse sundae from Dairy Queen, (sometimes you have to explain what that is) chocolate soft serve with marshmallow topping! :-)

                                      The other one from a local place here in KC... vanilla custard, caramel, and crushed up pretzels.

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                                      1. re: Katie Nell

                                        Forgot to mention... no whipped cream, EVER, don't like it!

                                        1. re: Katie Nell

                                          I'm with you re: whipped cream on an ice cream sundae -- yuck. But I will make exceptions for homemade, lightly- or un-sweetened whipped cream served with gingerbread, pumpkin pie, or pavlova.

                                        2. re: Katie Nell

                                          Katie, that reminds me of when I was a kid! There was a Baskin Robbins about a miles walk from my house, and I used to love a double scoop sundae, one chocolate, one scoop mint chip, with marshmallow topping, no cherries or nuts or whipped cream.

                                          I also have a weird fondness for the fakey tasting frosting they use at BR, especially the day glo colors. Bizarre, it tastes horrible and I love it.

                                        3. My absolute favorite, at Baskin Robbins, 1 scoop of banana, next to it, 1 scoop of dark chocolate, with marshmallow cream on it, and one scoop of mint chocolate chip with whip cream dollop. And I must have the pink spoon.

                                          1. I can't narrow it down to one, so here goes:

                                            Premium vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate chunks, dried cherries, almonds. No sauce.
                                            I know that's not technically a "sundae" but it's one of my all-time favorite flavor combos.
                                            Sometimes I'll add a little drizzle of caramel or hot fudge to this, but usually not.

                                            Chocolate death -- dark chocolate ice cream, brownie chunks, hot fudge, whipped cream
                                            (also really excellent with coffee ice cream)

                                            Caramel-apple heaven -- apple pie ice cream, hot caramel sauce, chopped toasted pecans, whipped cream

                                            The works -- chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and hot caramel, chopped almonds and pecans, chocolate chunks, dried cherries, whipped cream...oh and add some banana, too. :)

                                            OK...I'm on a sugar rush just thinking about this.

                                            1. my favorite sundae so far is the peanut butter cup at friendly's...2 or 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, and the best whipped cream ive ever tasted, topped off w/ a reeses peanut butter cup, OMG YUMMMMMY!

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                                              1. re: unocal

                                                When I was a kid, I'd get one as a treat for a good report card--I'd get the huge 5-scoop bowl. Yum! I wish I could still eat that way!

                                                1. re: unocal

                                                  That peanut butter sauce from Friendly's is amazing. Their PB cup is one of my top choices.
                                                  Also: a really good brownie sundae, made with coffee ice cream, really chewy hot fudge, and whipped cream.
                                                  The banana split at the East Coast Grill - grilled banana, mango ice cream, raspberry sauce, whipped cream.
                                                  Hot fudge over mint chocolate chip, with whipped cream.
                                                  Whipped cream is essential. Marshmallow is disgusting.

                                                2. My adult fave is vanilla ice cream or custard with roasted, salted pecans and hot fudge. In fact, anything salty with ice cream rocks my world. Katie, where do you get the pretzel sundae?

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                                                  1. re: amyzan

                                                    It's more of a concrete, but I think it still counts- Sheridan's. Another favorite is the brownie, caramel, and pecan twister at Twister's! (Can you tell I like ice cream?!?) Edited to add: ooh, but if you get the brownie one at Twister's, ask for chocolate custard- it's a must!

                                                    1. re: Katie Nell

                                                      I lurve Sheridan's. I'll give that one a try!

                                                  2. Sometimes I'll crave Dairy Queen Strawberry Shortcake Sundaes and not even a homemade version will do.

                                                    Close second is vanilla ice cream with bananas, maple syrup, whipped cream (I like the amount of whipped cream to equal or exceed the amount of ice cream), jimmies, and of course a cherry on top.

                                                    1. Hot chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. YUMMMM

                                                      1. My all-time favorite ice cream sundae is very simple: chocolate ice cream covered in marshmallow sauce. No cherry. No whipped cream - which I love on hot chocolate, but why mess with perfection?

                                                        1. Turtle Sundae: vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, carmel sauce and pecans.

                                                          1. vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, caramel. I like simple.

                                                            1. Vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge (that is actually HOT), peanut butter goo, those "wet" walnuts in syrup, whipped cream (the real thing)......mmmmmmmm

                                                              1. Butter pecan icecream, coconut icecream, hot fudge,hot marshmallow, walnuts, jimmies and whipped cream. Great combination!!!!!

                                                                1. Tin Roof Sundae-
                                                                  Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, roasted and salted Spanish peanuts. Hoo-wee!

                                                                  1. I second the Turtle sundae. I do miss these from the Midwest and haven't found anything out here. It's vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, carmel, and salted pecans.

                                                                      1. Hot Fudge over Butter Pecan Frozen Custard with Roasted, Salted Pecans and Cherry
                                                                        Leon's, Milwaukee

                                                                        1. For me it's the classic ice cream stand sundae: Vanilla soft serve, wet walnuts, hot fudge, whipped cream, hold the cherry. The small size is plenty for me. This has been the only sundae I've ordered for at least 35 years. I used to sneak small ones when I worked at the Dairy Queen. I'll eat almost anything else food-wise, but this never varies.

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                                                                            1. re: toodie jane

                                                                              those walnuts in syrup that you often see in ice cream shops.

                                                                          1. I also love the Peanut Butter Cup sundae from Friendly's (though I prefer it's cousin the Reese's Pieces sundae).

                                                                            My 2nd favorite would be the mud pie sundae at Cabot's in Newton, Massachusetts. Brownie, coffee ice cream, hot fudge, crushed oreo, whipped cream. Mmm hmm.


                                                                            1. Mister Softee. Vanilla and Chocolate soft ice cream with butterscotch and hot fudge, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, nuts, extra cherries a banana and a whole can of whipped cream.

                                                                              1. My choice is rather simple, I think: vanilla ice cream topped with a strawberry topping chuck full of real strawberry chunks and a fun splurt of whipped cream. (I enjoy squirting the whipped cream more than I enjoy the taste of it.)

                                                                                Although the brownie sundaes sound yummy - with a *warm* brownie!

                                                                                1. This is going to make me super depressed because I can't help think about ice cream sundaes without thinking about summer...miss it!
                                                                                  My favorite:
                                                                                  Vanilla ice cream, soft-serv or good quality depending on how I feel
                                                                                  Real hot fudge
                                                                                  Heath Bar crumbles
                                                                                  A massive mound of whipped cream

                                                                                  Bring it on!

                                                                                  1. a soda fountain near the house I grew up in had the Best sundae:
                                                                                    one scoop of white chocolate ice cream with hot fudge next to one scoop of chocolate with rasberry sauce. Top the whole thing off with walnuts and whipped cream. yum!

                                                                                    1. My favorite is vanilla ice cream sprinkled with salty peanuts and chocolate sauce and with a banana to go with it, preferably sliced. And a little whipped (real) cream on top is nice too.

                                                                                      Another favorite is vanilla ice cream with salty peanuts and smarties.

                                                                                      But, one I really loved, was one I tried while on vacation in the US (I live in Norway). We went to a Mc Donald's and wanted ice cream. On the menu there, all it said was soft ice, and when I asked, the lady said they only had the ice cream, no sprinkles/toppings or anything. But when an american lady asked specifically for something, and I think she asked them for a sundae with butterscotch cookies etc.,. they then suddenly had anyway.. I ended out getting it with 2 things mixed in and it was just soooo good!!! I would love being able to make it. But I really can't remember the second thing they mixed in. Hope that maybe somebody here can help remind me, maybe it is a commonly used combo? It was ordinary, vanilla soft icecream with crushed butterscotch cookies (cookie crumbs?), as I remember. I just can't remember the other thing. Maybe it was a sauce/syrup, but I'm really not sure. I don't know how to get that kind of cookies either. Never heard of them here. But they might be available somewhere, if only I knew what to look for. Are there some brand name or other names for that kind of cookies? Heck, I don't even know what butterscotch is. Well, we do have a type of hard candy which are labelled butterscotch in addition to the Norwegian name for that, but that's it. Never heard that word about anything else though. I have no idea what it really is, and I sure never saw cookies with the same name as on the candy.

                                                                                      Thanks a lot! :)

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                                                                                      1. re: peapea

                                                                                        Oh, this is sort of funny. I don't frequent Macdonald's, but I'm pretty sure they never had butterscotch cookies. However, they have served crushed butterfinger bars with their ice cream. The funny bit is, while living in London a few years ago, a Swedish friend of mine got terribly addicted to the butterfinger mcflurry . I'm well aware of the rivalry between Norwegians and Swedes, but perhaps you have found common ground in a love of an american treat featuring butterfingers?

                                                                                        For the record, my favorite sundae would have some combination of brownies, sweet cream or coffee ice cream, almonds, strawberries and whipped cream.

                                                                                      2. The best I ever had was at the Ghiradelli shop in San Fran. Butter brickle ice cream, hot caramel, toffee bits, pecans and whipped cream. Sooooooooo good and worth the long line of tourists that goes out the door.

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                                                                                        1. re: Oh Robin

                                                                                          Oh Robin, were you there the same day as me>? the only thing missing on yours was the hot fudge. There's somthing about butter brickle ....... throw in a banana and I think we've reached the ecstay limit.

                                                                                        2. Vanilla ice cream, crushed oreo cookies, hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream.
                                                                                          Is it bad that I now want ice cream for breakfast???

                                                                                          1. Oh my, all off the above sundaes sound *really* good. My faves are coffee ice cream with hot fudge sauce. I also like a homemade brownie topped with vanilla ice cream hot fudge and/or caramel sauce and salted pecans.

                                                                                            1. When it comes to sundaes, I am a purist - it's always vanilla ice cream.

                                                                                              For some reason, all of the women in my family eat the same sundaes - this was my grandmother's favorite -- vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce (never hot fudge), wet walnuts, whip and a cherry.

                                                                                              I adored vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, malted milk powder, and banana. yum!

                                                                                              1. Is there a difference between a Banana Split and a Ice Cream Sundae?

                                                                                                I've always thought that by adding a banana to sundae, that make's it a banana split.

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                                                                                                1. re: Infomaniac

                                                                                                  As I see it...

                                                                                                  Ice cream on top of banana= split and it is served in a long dish
                                                                                                  Ice cream topped with banana= sundae and it is served in a tall dish

                                                                                                  1. re: viperlush

                                                                                                    Thats a good breakdown. I'll agree.

                                                                                                2. i'm a real purist. a hot fudge sundae is the gold standard by which i judge ice cream shops:

                                                                                                  ice cream -- will settle for vanilla if sweet cream's not available
                                                                                                  hot fudge -- home made NOT out of a jar
                                                                                                  real whipped cream -- extra points for unsweetened wc

                                                                                                  that's it. of course, if i'm at the sundae school on cape cod when fresh cherries are in season, the a cherry is okay!

                                                                                                  1. my favorite sundae is called the earthquake, it has seven different scoops of ice cream and seven different toppings.....very good and filling.

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                                                                                                    1. re: bigjimbray

                                                                                                      What I used to get at Farrell's, the "Minty Marvel":
                                                                                                      - 1 scoop of Peppermint ice cream with hot fudge
                                                                                                      - 1 scoop of Mint Chip ice cream with marshmallow topping
                                                                                                      With whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.
                                                                                                      I still dream about it. -Sigh-

                                                                                                    2. My fave is pretty simple: the darkest chocolate ice cream available, good brownie if available (if a crappy brownie or it has nuts I'd leave it out), LOTS and LOTS of hot fudge, and whipped cream (really cold whipped cream--definitley not room temp).

                                                                                                      1. I have several- depends on what IC shop I am at and what mood I am in.
                                                                                                        1st- Peppermint IC with BRIGHAMS hot fudge, marshmellow,and salted pecans (Brighams Favorite)
                                                                                                        2nd-Maple Walnut IC with Maple Walnut sauce, whipped cream (Sundae School in Dennis MA)
                                                                                                        3rd-Orange Sherbert (or raspberry when avail) with strawberries and whipped cream. (Summertime favorite- any IC parlor)

                                                                                                        1. Sweet cream ice cream with chopped heath bars in a waffle bowl...MmmMMmmmMM

                                                                                                          And I never say no to whipped cream! Especially if its homemade!

                                                                                                          1. Living in the undisputed ice cream capital of the USA (Columbus, Ohio LOL!), we have some of the finest products to choose from. Usually made at Chez Diane:

                                                                                                            Jeni's - salty caramel ice cream with hot fudge AND hot caramel sauce (homemade of course), toasted pecans, whipped cream and a cherry.

                                                                                                            Johnson's - 1 scoop banana ice cream, 1 scoop butter pecan, crushed homemade pecan pralines, hot caramel sauce, whipped cream

                                                                                                            Graeter's - 2 sccops mocha chip ice cream, homemade hot fudge sauce, toasted almonds, whipped cream

                                                                                                            1. As an old friend once said, "Ice cream sundaes are like sex; I remember the worst I ever had, and it was still pretty great.".

                                                                                                              Like many other posters, I prefer my sundaes on the simple side - vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate/fudge sauce, chopped nuts, and whipped cream. The cherry on top makes a nice visual presentation, but I always end up giving it to my daughter who loves them.

                                                                                                              If I'm going to add a banana, I'll go whole hog, and make/order a banana split. In that case, I will broaden my horizons to include scoops of different flavours, and maybe some caramel sauce as well. Since I'm Canadian, maple walnut is a flavour I've enjoyed since I was a kid, and scoop three might be chocolate, pralines & cream, butterscotch ripple, etc. Nuts and whipped cream definitely required; sprinkles, Reese's pieces, crumbled Oreos, etc. are to be eschewed.

                                                                                                              Or, you might try the "MAD magazine" recipe, which includes scoops of "Swiss Almond Halveh", "Lasagna Chip", and "Chicken Fat Ripple".