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Feb 12, 2007 01:27 PM

Frozen oysters on the half shell [moved from Boston board]

Just discovered such a product exists (even on Amazon). Tell me no restaurant in the Boston area is using them, but how would you know unless you see them being opened. Has anyone knowingly tried them?

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  1. From this website it seems if you have ever eaten a oyster on the halfshell at a buffet, you've eaten a frozen oyster.

    Probably price would be an indicator. If you ate them in December and got sick, that would be an indicator ... seems like a bum batch came from Korea.

    I didn't realize they froze oysters on the half shell. Guess i'll have to ask if they are not shucked to order.

    Don't oysters and clams need some sort of freezing before eating? Otherwise, why don't they move when you eat them?

    I just remember my dad ... a fan of cherrystone clams on the half sell ... buying some fresh off a boat. He bit into the raw clam and it wiggled. He didn't eat cherrystones for a long time after that.

    Yeah ... why don't raw oysters and clams wiggle if you bite them?

    1. I saw something posted on CH (I think) back around late December or early January about
      food poisoning from frozen half shell oysters in the Portland, OR area. The oysters were
      said to have come from Korea. There were served at a private dinner party. I can't begin to imagine why people in Portland would serve frozen oysters when they have lots of local fresh options. The story originated in the SF Chronicle. It had never occurred to me that there was such a product. Thinking about it a little more, I suppose it might make sense if you were Campbell's and were canning thousands of cans of oyster stew - but serving them to guests at a dinner party?? Pardon me - I prefer not to express myself this way, but UGH. (Actually,
      double UGH!!)

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        There's an early mention of frozen oysters in the half shell in a 1999 SF Chronicle article about the annual fancy food show. The reporter liked them.

        "Oyster aficionados will be intrigued with frozen oysters on the half shell (about $9 for a doz en) from Hillman of Texas: Defrost, loosen the muscle and eat raw or bake. Equally fresh-tasting: Goose Point oyster shooters "

        Actually a side benefit of freezing was SUPPOSED to be it killed any harmfull bacteria in the oysters ... guess it turns out not to be true.