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Feb 12, 2007 01:20 PM

Chinese Delivery in Western Suburbs?

My husband and I frequent Lom Ling's in Lombard (we LOVE the mongolian beef and moo shoo pork there)
however they do not deliver, and sometimes we're just to darned lazy to go out and pick up food. I'm looking for really good Cinese food we can have delivered. (we live in Lombard)
We've tried a few that were just aweful (too thick heavy sauce, too much corn starch, bland flavor, strange meat texture) so now I am desperately looking for recommendations before we are disappointed again.
We are not looking for any dishes in particular (I like spicy my husband does not) but good pot stickers and crab rangoon are a must! And if we find Mongolian beef made similar to the way Lom Ling's makes thiers my husband will be ecstatic!


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  1. Have you tried Golden Wok on Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn (actually just on the Glen Ellyn/Lombard border? We don't do Chinese very often, but when we do, we usually end up there. We've used their delivery service in the past.

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      It's been about 6 months since we've been there. I'm not a fan of egg rolls, except for theirs, which are delicious! The hot & sour soup is also good. As far as the entrees go, my husband usually gets something with beef & vegies and the beef is always lean & so tender. I usually go for a vegie or vegie & shrimp dish. The shrimp are fairly good sized and fresh tasting. Sorry I can't be more specific on the actual dishes. Now, if you were to ask about Thai food, I could go on & on & on!!! Hope you enjoy it!

      P.S. I meant to mention before that I completely forgot about Lom-Lings. My sister-in-law used to live just down the street about 25 years ago and we would order from there often and it was delicious then!!! Thanks for the reminder!

    2. No I haven't thanks, what do you order from there any recommendations?

      1. You might also try China House, it is on North Avenue near Villa Road in Villa Park. They deliver and their portions are HUGE. I always order the pot stickers and also the crab rangoon and I like both of them. We normally get beef & broccoli, house special lo-mein or the chop suey. My husband is not too adventurous. I've had Lom Ling but haven't been there in years...might need to check that out again...

        1. Do you know if that China House is associated with the new one that opened on Main Street immediately south of Roosevelt? We recently had food there and it was terrible.
          It reminded us of "mall" Chinese food they gave nice big portion sizes but we were dissapointed in the flavor and texture of the food (way too saucy and the meat seemed kinda fake).

          1. I don't know, sorry. My guess would be no based on my experience with the China House in Villa Park but hard to say. I've never had a problem with "fake" type meat there and I know what you mean about mall Chinese. I thought of another place for you to try but it will have to be on a day that you are willing to drive because I don't think they deliver - Beijing on Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn, west of Main Street. Good stuff. We order it for lunch at the office every now and then. But oddly, I can't speak for the crab rangoon - never tried it there which is crazy for me - I love crab rangoons!