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Feb 12, 2007 01:09 PM

UWS -- looking for something new or over-looked

I am looking for something new'ish/over-looked on the UWS (80s/90s/100s) to try Friday. No Indian, Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese (not that I don't like it, just been doing too much of it). We like Pair of 8's or Ouest (and can handle that price point), but have been there recently with our dinner companions. Any ideas will be appreciated...

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  1. bettola on w79 and amsterdam is very good.check it out on

    1. Hmm, you might like Cesca or Spiga or Celeste for Italian, the Neptune Room for seafood, Gabriellas, Cafe Frida or Calle Ocho for Latin(esque). Gabriella's is fun, but Frida is sexier with better drinks. Calle Ocho is both, and also pricier. If you have a big group, don't go to Celeste.

      1. my list reads
        jean georges (cafe) less money, smaller,but same money than the stuffier diningroom
        shun lee
        i think cafe luxenborg has improved as well an uws institution
        good luck

        of the bunch ouest and telepan are slam dunks. you will spend 60-70 at both places with

        1. Picnic, on Broadway, in the 100's was great when we had dinner last fall, not so good for brunch (which doesn't matter since you're looking for dinner). Very casual atmosphere, however.
          Regional, (italian) also on Bway, in the high 90's is a place worth trying. They have a great cookie plate for dessert.

          1. We ate at 'Cesca last night, and I have to say it was superb. The bruschetta(e) were wonderful. One in particular stood out, ricotta with a topping of finely chopped brussels sprouts and mint. Wow.

            We both had pastas, which is unusual. Mine because their Sunday special is a sauce of sausage and something-or-other, which was delicious. She had the ravioli in a brown butter and sage sauce (but not burra salvia, a more caramelized, sweeter version). It was also excellent, worthy of Babbo or Lupa (I'm serious).

            We had half a bottle of a Trentino red, that was perfect for the occasion, a quick Sunday supper. I say 'we'. She is pregnant but allows herself the occasional sip, which is fine.

            Try it.

            - Sean