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Abacrombie still worth it?

Hi all,
Boston 'hound heading down for a last minute trip and looking for some rec's. I've got a reservation at Abacrombie based on some favorable reviews here, but they are a few months old. Anyone been recently? We'll be celebrating my boyfriends bithday day...I tried Charleston, but can't get in until 9:30.

Also, I'm looking for the ubiquitous crab house recommendation. I loooove crab, but the boy isn't so into it. Any places that have the brown paper and mallet crab and other things for him? Does Faidley's fit the bill?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm a fan of both Abacrombie and Charleston (even when I'm not drinking Bordeaux). I go to Abacrombie almost monthly. I still think the food is great, and as long as you don't go between 6 and 8pm on a symphony night, the service is formal, unobtrusive and not rushed. And it will be half the price of Charleston.

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      have you been to Abacrombie recently since the new owners have taking over fully??

    2. Faidley's is not open for dinner. It is good for lunch but it has only standup counters. You can get crabs and he can get good crabcakes. For crabs for dinner with other stuff also maybe try Nick's Fish House on Insulator Drive. Bo Brooks also has steamed crabs and other stuff but I don't think its that good. Also O'brycki's might be good too.

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        Obrycki's is closed for the winter.

      2. Head to Mr. Bill's in Essex for crabs. Check out the recent discussion:


        Haven't been to Abacrombie yet, so can't comment on that.

        1. Go to Abacrombie. I HIGHLY recommend it. I believe it is currently the BEST dining experience in Baltimore.

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            It was, new owners have come in and completely changed the restaurant. Looks like they cut the entire wait staff, including the cute bartender my sister in law would rave about. Baltimore just lost one of it's top five restaurants witout even knowing it though. What took Sonny almost five years to establish has been destroyed in a matter of weeks. Went there and they were out of maybe 80% of the wine list, place seemed like a ghost town and the vibe the staff was giving off wasn't positive. Usually when we went there there would be the usual faces working, and thats not a bad thing but last time there was one familar face. it's a shame we need to find a new fav restaurant without having to drop $250-300 for dinner for 2

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              I hate reading this, but I was there Saturday evening pre-Meyerhoff and I agree. And it was still decent after Sonny left for Europe, because his DAD was still the owner. My SO and I were big fans of the restaurant. How ironic that E Large gave them 3.5 stars in last weekend's Sun. But that was based on her experiences in April/May, not June.

              I really want to give these new owners a chance, but my vibes are bad.

              Also -- in the men's room, they used to have those halfway-decent paper handtowels. The new owners replaced them with SMALL paper napkins like you'd get at a diner. Took me three or four just to dry my hands...

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                Besides the towels, did it look like they cleaned house as far as replacing the staff?

          2. Definately Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn for crabs, call ahead to make sure of availability, it's not crab season here so they come from out of town.
            Nick's Fish House has very hit or miss food.
            For great "other" Maryland Seafood, go to Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton

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              Dockside on Boston Street had some good crabs in December. Lot closer than Bill's too.

            2. Have not been to Abacrombie's since the change, but friends say the new chef is presently taking the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach. We'll see.

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                Also, let's recognize the importance of the BSO and the Meyerhoff to Abacrombie's business. When my friend was there later on Saturday post-symphony, the new owner asked if "that lady with the short hair, I can't remember her name" was there. I'm assuming he was referring to Maestra Marin Alsop.

              2. I was a big fan of Chef Sonny's also, and do miss him. Per Sonny, he basically stopped during the holidays and Mike was doing all of the work, Sonny was there, but was busy packing.

                I was nervous about possible drop off in quality so I gave Mike some time to get settled. I have eaten there twice now, Mid-April and just a week ago. Both times my experience was excellent. Soups were as good as ever. A heavier emphasis on fish dishes and desserts were great.

                Some staff has changed. The female bartender was planning on leaving and continuing her school work, even before Sonny left. I visited Mike in the kitchen and almost all of the cook staff is the same.

                I have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Abacrombie to anyone. I still believe this is the best value and experience in Baltimore.