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Feb 12, 2007 12:54 PM

Formal and Exquisite for family (plus 2 teens)

Hello -

I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I will be brining my girlfriend's children (11 & 14yr) with us to DC and wanted them to experience a little formal dining within the DC area. Not only will we be looking for great food, but also a formal decor or ambience so we can teach them some formal manners and give them a taste of the adult world a little. All of us will be dressing up.

So here is what's been suggested...what is your pick for us?
Taberna del Alabardero
Restaurant Eve
Tabard Inn

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  1. The atmosphere at 1789 would seem to be the perfect setting for introducing the younger ones to the world of fine dining. It's a charming restaurant, and the food is wonderful.

    1. restaurant eve is awesome!

      1. So, based on the feedback, I should take my girlfriend to 1789 or Restaurant Eve? Any others from the suggested list, or will go right be either of these two?

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          I haven't been to Restaurant Eve, so my enthusiasm for 1789 shouldn't be interpreted as ranking one restaurant over the other.

          1789 is my go-to restaurant when I'm entertaining guests, especially guests whose tastes I don't know. The menu is modern, but includes more conservative choices. The service is always gracious and details of an order are accurately delivered (e.g. doneness of meat, vegetable substitutions). Unlike many of the places with minimalist decor, the decor conveys a warmth and speaks to location -- a big plus for out of town company.

          I'm far from unique in knowing that a visit to 1789 is reliable choice for a succesful celebration meal, multi-generational meal, etc. 1789 is one of the first restaurants to fill up for post-graduation festivities, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.