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Feb 12, 2007 12:48 PM

Boom, Noah's or Skipper's Dock in Stonington?

We've purchased a package at the Inn at Stonington which includes dinner at Boom, Noah's, or Skipper's Dock? Which would you go to?

For reference, we had Sunday brunch at Noah's about a year ago and we liked the food but the service was so bad it nearly ruined the meal.

We do not eat shellfish or meat, only fin fish. My wife's tastes run to American/French/Continental while I am more adventurous and like Asian/sushi/seared or raw tuna, etc.

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  1. Never been to Boom, but I've not been much impressed with Skipper's Dock.

    1. We absolutely loved Noah's - we had an excellent server! Your right though - lousy service will ruin the memory of a great meal. The two must go together to work.

      1. If Boom is still as good as its alter ego in Westbrook, I'd recommend it. A previous thread on this subject is

        1. I used to work at Noahs - traditionally the evening service is much better than the brunch - breakfast service (the evening kitchen staff was more experienced generally and had less staff turn over which can sometimes cause havoc witth the front of the house - also the table turnover at brunch is more intense which can sometimes jam up the works - not to make excuses) ...

          and based on what your preferences are Noah's matches them much more so than the other two restaurants.

          1. Had a fabulous meal at Noah's this past weekend. Excellent wheat bread made with brown sugar -- tried hard not to fill up before the rest of the meal arrived. My wife opted for the slightly unusual choice of homemade guacamole and chips (not at all indicative of the menu). As it turned out, it was the freshest, tastiest guacamole we've ever had. I had a great bowl of chiozo and white bean soup - great comfort food on a cold day. Salad options let you top up the basic salad with danish blue cheese, feta, stilton and pears, etc. Nice way to offer a variety of salads. Entrees were extremely well prepared - pork loin with sausage stuffing and a tajine of lobster, shrimp and monkfish with tangerine couscous. Wife had sublime chocolate pate with pistachio sauce for desert and I opted for shoo fly pie (taking me back to my Pa roots). Service was attentive, helpful and quite good. I'd highly recommend Noah's -- we're looking forward to returning on another trip.

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              Turned out we went to Noah's. Skipper's Dock is closed on Tuesday (at least in winter) and we were feeling a little lazy but wanted to walk so Noah's was the closest place.

              Food was excellent. Actually, the bread was very ordinary but we, too, ordered the guacamole and it was awesome. My wife's grilled salmon and my spice-grilled mahi mahi were both great and even the vegetables (string beans) were amazing. We split a dessert of "Brown Derby" which was a brownie topped with ice cream and it hit the spot, simple but really good. We were very pleased.

              Service was still not great but better than the last time. The waiter this time was knowledgable, courteous and professional but still the service was very slow. It was a good ten minutes between being seated and having our drink order taken, and again at the end a long lag between offering and bringing the dessert menus. I don't know if the waitstaff have too many tables per person, or someone called in sick, or what, but it seems like a place with food of this calibre should have service to match.