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Feb 12, 2007 12:36 PM


Yesterday I was running errands in Emeryville and decided (or plotted, rather) to stop into the Gregoire on Piedmont in Oakland. I'd been to the Gregoire in Berkeley a few times, most notably in a quest for their delicious cheesesteak.

For those who are not taking out their meal, the Oakland location is appealing because it offers more seating space. I was there around 1-ish and was able to nab some coveted seats by a sunny window. I (along with my partner in culinary crime) tried parsnip and roasted garlic soup with house croutons, a pulled pork sandwich, and an egg salad sandwich.

The pulled pork sandwich was the clear winner, with the full, smoky taste of pork nicely complemented by bacon and thinly sliced red cabbage on a toasted ciabatta roll. According to the menu, the sandwich also included apple, but I couldn't pick out that flavor. Whenever I put down the sandwich, my boyfriend would steal a few bites, so it was a winner all around. The parsnip and roasted garlic soup was also lovely, but it was so creamy and rich I could not have finished it on my own.The egg salad, served on toasted quarters of white bread, was a bit too creamy for my taste. I prefer more celery flavor in egg salad--both the crunch of actual celery and a bit of celery seed.

This morning I was in Berkeley for work and couldn't resist. I went to Gregoire for lunch, intending to get the pulled pork again, but was persuaded by the friendly staff to try the steak sandwich: flank steak with Saint Andre and truffle on baguette. My love for meat is only equalled by my love of stinky cheese, so this was an ideal combination. The steak, served cold, was perfectly tender and well served by a pairing with the intense fattiness of Saint Andre.

Distilled review: the food is delicious and well executed, the staff is welcoming, and I can't wait to visit again.

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  1. The pulled pork is definitely the winner this month, I've had it three times already. They've upped the apple content, which gives the sandwich a nice sweet and crunchy contrast.

    1. Ooh, that stinky cheese and meat sandwich sounds absolutely yummy! Did you have the potato puffs with the sandwich?

      I so have to get over there, especially after all the discussion of seat arrangements.

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      1. re: Cindy

        It was sheer willpower that kept me from the potato puffs. I love all of their fried potato products, but I had visits to Canteen, Maverick, Perbacco and Incanto lined up in the next three weeks, so I wanted to take it easy on the calories.

        1. re: pane

          It does sound very good, but difficult to eat. I usually don't like sandwiches on baguettes unless they're pretty squishy.

          BTW, Where did you get a picture of a card-catalog? I love it.