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Feb 12, 2007 12:33 PM

basement moroccan in the east village?

I have heard of a mysterious moroccan restaurant in the East Village No sign on the door. Great food. Apparently it's located in a basement on either Avenue A or First Ave, and somewhere between Houston and 10th Street. Can anyone help me solve the mystery? Name? Address?
Thanks and, happy hunting.

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  1. Non-basement, non-mysterious Moroccan options: Zerza, Cafe Mogador, Le Souk, and Nomad.

    Mamlouk is more Iraqi/Lebanese, and has a basement room (but also has a sign on the door, and isn't particularly mysterious). Food is fantastic, and somehow related to Moustache, which is also great (but not mysterious).

    1. rose water, thanks for the suggestions, I'm actually familiar with those. I think the place I've been told about might actually be Chez Es Saada, which has nob been closed for some time. Still hoping...

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        FWIW, chez es saada was my first thought given your description, but that's been gone for a while...good luck! Do post back if you solve the mystery!

      2. I believe you are indeed refering to Chez Es's turned into a loungey place right now...complete with DJ etc. I missed the old spot.

        1. I can confirm that the place described is / was definitely Chez Es Saada as I worked there right after they first opened 9 years ago. The unmarked door was at 42 1st Street, bet 1/2 Avenues, and was quite fabulous - the space was absolutely gorgeous and charming, and it was quite the scene at the time, though the food and the management was horrible, (except for the harissa mashed potatoes).

          It is no longer, but the space has been re-named Ludo. While I have only stopped by once to pick up friends on our way elsewhere, I noted that there has been very little done with the space - it's much the same. It appears to attract young professionals now, and unfortunately, I cannot speak at all to the food/drink.

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            well saloniere, I think that just about clarifies it all. Thank you very much for your posting. I don't know Ludo but I might sacrifice myself for the common good (augh!) and pay it a visit in the next few days, in which case I'll report with comments. Wish me luck.

          2. Cafe Mogador on St. Marks makes great bastilla, merguez, hummus and baklava. Cool place.