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Osteria Yet?

Has Marc Vetri's newest restaurant, Osteria, opened yet? Any inside scoop available?


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  1. Not open yet. Probably later this week or early next week.

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      Oh boy, oh boy! Thanks for the update!

    2. I can't wait!

      Also just read Marc Vetri has a cookbook coming out - probably early 2008.

      1. Osteria is open. You can make reservations on Open Table for March 1 and later...

        1. Hasn't anyone been here yet?

          1. Haven't been, but if you want to get your palate wet, the menu is on menupages.


            1. I was there on Wednesday, it's fantastic! They don't have prime-time reservations available for a while, but we sat right down at the bar with no waiting. We had the arancini (the only thing I'd recommend skipping), the pizza lombarda, capon tortellini, and the canele. Dessert was a sweet polenta. With the exception of the arancini, everything was stellar. I've never been to Vetri, so I can't compare the two, but Osteria is definitely the best new restaurant I've been to since Ansill opened last year. I think the space may not be totally completed yet, there was a space in the back of the restaurant that had two big empty tables, while the main area was packed.

              Two of us arrived there shortly after 8 pm on a Wednesday and were able to sit right down at the bar, and there were seats open at the bar during most of our meal. When we left just before 10 pm, there were tables available. So if you don't mind eating a late supper, you should be able to check it out without much trouble. It's not far from the Spring Garden stop on the Broad St. subway line.

              1. I knew someone had to have been. Thanks for the menu link and the review. Looking forward to trying it out soon - the menu has definitely prepared my palate, so much for enjoying my lunch!

                1. Went a few days ago...

                  Appetizer: Arancini- Lead sinker of two fried rice croquettes in an orange sauce. The sauce had no flavor-the rice had no flavor. Worst possible start. $14.

                  Polpo- (Octopus Pizza)- Thin crust, Vivid flavor, texture, spices. The cheese on the Pizza came alive with the olive oil and other flavors. The octopus was at another level- as perfect as the rest of the pie. Fantastic Pizza! $17.

                  Spaghettini Lobster- Spaghettini in a Light Tomato Sauce over a lobster. The fresh lobster was obscured by tomato based sauce. The pasta/lobster combo didn't work and it was as visual as a road kill. $38

                  1. Had a fab experience at Osteria last night. To begin with, parking is a breeze. Not much going on in the neighborhood after dark, so there is lots of street parking. Love the interior space. Very Manhattan feel. Big open spaces. Massive windows. High ceilings.
                    We began at the bar, and the bartender treated me like royalty. We concocted a drink with blood orange juice, fresh squeezed lime, simple syrup and ketel one. Into a martini glass with a sugar rim. The PG rated name of this drink is Sue's cocktail, but it also has a very raunchy name with the initials BRJ. The B stands for bloody, and you can draw your own conclusions about the rest of the name. It was so good that other people in the restaurant started ordering it.
                    We sat down to an excellent bread and breadstick basket. We ordered two app specials...a vegetable platter and a delicious cheese blob (sorry I cannot remember the name of this softish mozzarella-like cheese). We also had the parma pizza, which was a nice thin crust festooned with mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula, and the tricolor salad with bagna cauda dressing which is much like caesar.
                    Our entrees were a rib and sausage combo with cabbage and soft polenta, and a wood grilled halibut. Both were excellent.
                    The service and atmosphere were wonderful. I did not have a chance to look at the wine list but one of my companions ordered a red and pronounced it stellar, so I have to assume it is a fine list.
                    Dessert was billed on the menu as chocolate flan with pistachio ice cream, but instead we were served warm chocolate cake with oozing center. Who knows why there was a discrepancy. It was not explained so we did not spend much time worrying. The dessert was great even so.
                    One negative: the coffee was undrinkable. One of my companions had a capuccino which was great, but the brewed was cold and bitter. So they will have to work on that.
                    Overall, a real highlight on the Philly dining scene.
                    A sensuous delight all around.

                    1. I was there recently & had some similar menu items. The bread/breadstick basket is great- I used the bread to mop up the good sauce that the mussels were in (a scallion sauce). We had a neat flat shaped pasta with wild boar ragu & that sausage/rib entree, both good. Funny thing is that I was thinking the same thing about that dessert- seemed more like a molten cake than flan (husband ordered), but it was still good. I had a tangerine dessert which was delicious!

                      1. As a vegetarian (no fish either) would Osteria be worth my while?

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                          Haven't been there, but from the looks of the menu, you'd be fairly limited to a few pizzas and a handful of appetizers...

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                            I think you should go for an antipasta & pizza! The special antipasta was a vegetable platter when I was there- and I bet they could do it for you even if not offered then. None of the entrees I reacall though were veggie, but the pizzas are large, and many antipasta choices- some salads. And the wine was very good that we tried, recommended of course. you would definitely be filled.

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                              I think you could definitely eat well there (I went last week but haven't reported yet--it was fantastic IMHO. I was just telling a veggie friend the same thing. In addition to the appetizers and pizzas, of which there are several veggie options (I think there were 4 non-meat varieties and personally I'm dying to try the mushroom and taleggio pizza), there was at least one pasta dish that was vegetarian. It's also definitely the kind of place that would modify a dish to make it work for you.

                            2. We went with a quasi vegetarian (no meat but will eat fish) and he was satisfied. I would say it itakes a bit of navigating around the menu, but I also agree that they would modify dishes for patrons with food limitations.

                              1. Osteria is open, place is always full, ...looks wonderful, going there this weekend.