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Restaurants in and around Plymouth MN

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I'm moving to Plymouth next month from another local suburb.

What are some good restaurants in the area? I love Tea House. I'll be pretty close to Wayzata - I know of restaurants there but haven't tried any. I love Redstone by Ridgedale. I'd like to try Origami but haven't yet. I'm not too far from Maple Grove.

Ideas for places to frequent at my new home?

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  1. Hey there - If you live in Plymouth and wont be too far away from Wayzata -here are links from T.C. Dining Guide. Problem is -where you are - you're surrounded by chain restaurants.



    In the areas you mention, if you think MG is too far (and home to chains as well), at least there is Santorini's, which is reasonably priced, decent Greek food -and if you don't mind driving to Ridgedale, then it is not that far. It's technically St. Louis Park. There is also Blue Oyster in Wayzata- never been. Other chowhounders will respond - Yumi (sp?) for sushi is out in Excelsior and I think that they have decent sushi.

    You want places less than 15 minutes from where you live? Let us CH's know.

    Because there are some quality places in New Hope, GV, etc.

    1. I'm pretty flexible with driving - I'm happy to go to Maple Grove, Wayzata, Minnetonka, New Hope, Crystal, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, etc - I have a whole new part of town to explore.

      1. Istanbul is a fairly decent Turkish/Mediterranean place on the frontage road of 394 just outside of downtown Wayzata.
        You already know about most of the restaurants in Wayzata, it sounds like. I happen to like Blue Point and Sunsets (though the food really isn't that spectacular). Original Pancake House, if you feel like going out to breakfast - but expect a long wait most of the time. For pizza delivery/takeout Frankie's is currently tops (though that could change once Punch opens up).
        Umbria la Cucina Italiana near 55 and Vicksburg is all right, though I thought their pizza a bit doughy
        Of course there is Origami West at Ridgedale. There is also restaurant named Bacio across the parking lot from Ridgedale proper (next to Borders books), which is pretty good.

        1. If you want to go to outer/upper Golden Valley, there's a nice Malaysian-Chinese restaurant called Rasa Sayang.


          I've only been there once, as it's quite a trek for me, but I loved the spicy noodles. I would eat this tasty dish once a week if I lived nearby.


          1. I live close to Rasa Sayang...I can't believe it's still in business...they never seem to have any customers.

            There's a decent Mexican restaurant @ 55/Vicksburg by the theater...believe it's called El Azteca if I recall correctly.

            Also, in Crystal @ Bass Lake & Broadway there's El Loro Mexican and Crystal Cafe Afghani, both of which are in the upper echelon of NW Suburban ethnic restaurants...which is really a way of saying they are OK.

            Also in Crystal try Fat Nat's Eggs or Papa's for breakfast.

            Yangtze and Taste of India are right @ 394 & Park Place.