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Feb 12, 2007 11:55 AM

Sette Was Pretty Bad

I had a bowl of bean soup, some Parmesan balls, and baked eggplant with mozzarella. I've had better at badly run pizzerias. The soup was caustic, the Parmesan balls didn't have much of a taste and the eggplant had the texture and taste of a frozen dinner. The waiter was a nice guy but the management made him sweep the floor (sans gloves or even washroom) as well as serve the food. Not the most esthetically thing one can do. Big time disappointment.

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  1. Too bad, 'cause they put lots of effort into that corner space...that said, I can attest to low value and blah pizza...and what I could swear was a single, dolled-up fried Costco artichoke heart that was $13 bucks with T&T included.

    Where did the inspiration go?

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    1. re: Mike R.

      She (Chef Amanda Freitag) went to Gusto on Greenwich St in the W.Village.

    2. I understand the original chef is now gone. Even when she was present, I thought that Sette was an opportunity missed. In fact, the only thing I think it has going for it is the Sette for Sette wine special: you can choose from seven regional wines of Italy for seven bucks a glass. Some choices were really appealing. The few times I've been back, I've limited myself to the pizzette and a beer. The cost of the main dishes are hard to justify: might as well spend the same money at Al di La and get vastly better food.

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        Well said famdoc. Good chow advice.

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          Too bad that a glass of wine for seven bucks is considered a good deal!

          1. re: fudluvr

            Spot-on! And that usually means a ten-spot with T&T included...without the benefit of getting a taste, like you would with a bottle order.

        2. I'm surprised!! I've had luch there a few times very recently and I thought it was amazing. I guess for a $10 prix fixe you can't go wrong though. (I've never eaten dinner there)

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          1. re: BeerCheese

            ugh. had the worst dining experience there. seared tuna was GRAY! scallops like hockey pucks. never again!

            1. re: friseelardons

              Is Sette on the deathwatch list?
              Seems less than half the tables are taken most evening.

              1. re: famdoc

                After Amanda left as chef, they brought in a guy from the W.Coast who seemed pretty good. We ate there once when he first got there and it had dropped off but we figured it was too early to really tell if he'd settle in. We never went back. Did he stay? Sounds like it's dying. Too bad... nice owners, nice location.

                1. re: Steve R

                  I never went back after Amanda left. And she was followed by Laura and a couple of the wait staff from the front-of-house operation. That will be a year this summer. I think Giovanni just wants a nondescript neighborhood joint that does a good lunch business - $10 - to compete with Sotte Voce. It has been one of the most precipitous drops in quality I've ever experienced.

                  Steve Buscemi still eats there though! And Amanda is making great dishes at Gusto.

                  Meanwhile, I've decided to spend my children's inheritance supporting Laura and David Shea at Applewood, the Josh's at Stone Park and Anna at al di la ;-)

                  1. re: livetotravel

                    I think many of you have missed the best of what Sette has to offer. The pizzas are good. It may take trying a couple to find what you like as some are very different in their taste profiles. The fennel salad, sausage and brocholi rabe, and meats are better than average, and the wines by the bottle are very good and many are well below average on price. One writer said that it was too bad that a good glass of wine is $7, and most of the good glasses at Sette are priced above, but $7 is a more than fair price to pay for a good glass of wine. The beers leave much room for improvement. I do not usually spend my money in places that are so lazy and passionless with their beer selections that Heineken, Amstel, and Stella make up half of the list, but this can be a great spot al fresco snacking. I have taken the same guys to Sette that I enjoy Esca and Babo with. It is not as good as 2Amys, but if you live in the neighborhood or are staying in the area it is a nice place to try.