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Indian in Seattle? Vietnamese? Gyros?

The search engines are failing me. I'm still looking for places to eat when I'm up there later this month. DH wants Indian (surprise, surprise!). Vietnamese might also be good, and if anyone can lead him to a good gyros you will make a friend for life. Downtown preferable, but we will have a car......

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  1. In the international district for vietnamese you have excelent options in Lemongrass, Tamarind tree, and green leaf. Instead of a gyro, which I am hardpressed to think of a good one get a vietnamese sandwich in the ID from either Saigon Deli or Seattle Deli.

    I have not found that Seattle has amazing indian food but their are some decent options but none close to downtown. My favorite is India Bistro in ballard where they have very good tandori options.

    1. For Indian/Pakistani ldowntown (lunch only) try the lamb peas at Cafe Zum Zum. I"ve heard Bombay Grill and Chutneys are good but have not tried yet. There is a gyro place inside the Century square food court between 3rd and 4th at Pike but i have not tried it (probably also lunch only), you might also try Panos.

      1. Pabla Cuising of India [http://www.pablaindiancuisine.com/] has a wonderful buffet including numerous meat and vegetable dishes, tandoori chicken, naan and desserts. I eat lunch here fairly regularly.

        Lunch Buffet 7.99
        Mon - Sat : 11.00 am - 3.00 pm

        They also serve dinner until 10:00, 7 days a week. On Second Avenue, between Pike & Pine Streets.

        1. I love the gyros at Pike Place market. I can't comment on how authentic it is (though they do roast the lamb on a vertical spit) but I can say it is delicious.

          I will also second India Bistro in Ballard.

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            I second the vote for gyros in pike place! I had my first lamb gyro this weekend there and it was delicious- tender, lots of flavor, overall wonderful. There is also an excellent hole in the wall place on the main strip by the mix in university district. Regarding Indian- Tandoor in the uni district always gets great reviews and has a amazing buffet option for those that like to try everything. I would also suggest the Indian restaraunt in downtown edmonds right next to the ferry- excellent service and staff- they mix the flavors well. Chutneys on Capital Hill gets my vote also.

          2. I will third India Bistro, and for Gyros--but not really--Turkish Delight at the North end of pike place market (where it meets pike meets western) Has really good gyros type things (can't rmember the name for them) and lots of other great Trkish food.

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              Kefteh Kebab (spelling approximate).
              Served in good Pita (buy it at Big John's PFI), with a Tzatziki sort of a sauce and plenty vegetables.

            2. My favorite gyros are in downtown Kirkland at Santorini's. And if the weather's nice, it's a great place to walk around and enjoy the water.

              1. Anyone tried Pho Viet Anh? There were some good reviews on the internet, the price is right, and its only a block or two from our hotel...

                If I do go to Pho Viet Anh I will write a report. We pretty much decided on India Bistro for Friday night's dinner: we are meeting some business contacts for dinner and they wanted Indian...and they live near there so that plus all your recommendations makes it an easy choice. Since we'll definitely be strolling the Pike Place market maybe we'll try the gyros there.

                Now, a final question: where for oysters??? An oyster bar with that and not much else would be just fine if they are good....

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                  Jack's Fish Spot almost fits the "not much else" bill, though they have a great cioppino for, like, 3 bucks, as well as dungeness crab cocktail and other fresh apps. Straight from the fish market to the mouth. It doesn't get any better. Ambiance there is troublesome, though, and you can do better at "Oyster H appy Hour" at Elliott's Oyster House, on the waterfront, where oysters start at 50 cents at 3:00 and the proce goes up 50 cents (or was it 20) every half hour til they return to ridiculous. Go at 3:00 and order several dozen.

                2. Mr. Gyro's in Greenwwod (8411 Greenwood Ave N ) makes a good gyro. It's a pretty small take-out place, but it does have a few tables.

                  India Bistro in Ballard is good. If you are willing to make the trip over to the Eastside, then I would recommend Udupi Palace - be warned, though - it's vegetarian.

                  1. Well, for this dinner we'll stick with India Bistro, since its close to where the folks we're meeting live..and she's from Nepal so might prefer North Indian dishes (I'm assuming Udupi Palace is South Indian; isn't it part of a small chain?)

                    That being said, my husband is always on the lookout for good South Indian restaurants and will be working a lot in Seattle...so where exactly is Udupi Palace? Anyone else tried it?

                    1. Udupi Palace is at the Crossroads shopping mall in Bellevue. They have very good dosa's. Also based off of where your staying you should check out the brand new sculpture park on the water for a non-food related activity.

                      1. Zaina, a mediterranean cafe that used to be at the base of Macy's parking garage, has recently moved, I think somewhere near Pioneer Square, but I cannot remember the exact location. They have the most authentic gyros I've ever had in Seattle. Most places around here use strips of frozen "gyro meat", eeeeewwwww, think Sizzelean. Also, the Aladdin Gyro-cery on University Ave. in the U-District does some good food. You can also find a number of Vietnamese owned restaurants in the area between 12th & Jackson, and Dearborn & Raineer Ave. S., at the edge of the International District.

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                          Zaina closed their 3rd and pine location, but the Pioneer Square location remains open at 108 Cherry St.

                        2. Pho Viet Anh (http://www.phovietanh.com/index.html) does a hot & spicy pho which I havent found anywhere else & it's damn good!, their other offerings are fairly good but pho is MSG free and they take no shortcuts with the broth. I'll 2nd Aladdin's Gyro-cery on University Way for gyro's although Georgia's Deli is worth mentioning as well. Here is Georgia's website (http://www.pe04.com/georgiarestaurant...)

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                            Pho Viet Anh was awesome!!! (and I don't like that word....). The hot and spicy pho is wonderful. Very complex broth; very tasty. DH doesn't do beef, so he had the vegetarian pho. His exclamations of pleasure reminded me of Sally in that movie...lol! And I can see why he liked it so well....the vegetarian broth is also wonderful...very clean and a taste of well, vegetables....almost like liquid asparagus with a touch of something else not quite identifiable.

                            We started with spring rolls....They were excellent as well. Dinner for two was $28 including tax, a generous tip, and a pot of sublime Vietnamese White Lotus Tea. A great first night's dinner in Seattle...we walked out stuffed and enjoyed the neighborhood shops while walking back to our hotel...also did a bit of menu-reading...

                            Which leads me to a question: Anybody tried the Huevos Rancheros at Pesos??? (on Queen Anne...)

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                              pesos is weird--well-known meat markety singles bar scene but with intriguing rumors about--and obvious efforts at--having good food. curious, i ate had a few breakfast research missions there. huevos rancheros = bad. other dishes--dungeness crab benedict, carnitas and egges--were decidedly disappointing. BUT BUT BUT the chicken fried steak w/ jalapeno corn gravy is awesome.

                          2. If you're willing to drive, Guasy Grocery on Lake City Way is the real deal for gyros: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/la...

                            1. I second the vote for santorini in kirkland. I used to valet cars at a place across the street and run over there and grab one for some quick food. The people there are really nice and the gyro is great. I also will go to one of the gryo-cerys on the AVE favoring the northern one for reasons beyond me.

                              1. Interesting....I picked up on the meat market scene. So, any good places for huevos down by the Pike's Market??

                                1. I send the vote for Mr. Gyro. I'm a vegetarian, so I've only had the fallafel there, but it's pretty fantastic. Simple food, very fresh, and friendly service.

                                  1. All:

                                    Thanks for the recommendations. Ate at India Bistro tonight...btw it was packed!! DH was disappointed that everything on the menu was Northern Indian, but he should have known that would be the case....The food was very good however, very well prepared. And one of the people we were with IS from Northern India and she approved of the choice (actually, we found out she had once worked there, a long time ago....). I had the rack of lamb, prepared in the tandoor. Excellent: tender and tasty. Hubby had the tandoori chicken, which was also tender and delicious. Servings are HUGE..we all took food "home" (good thing our hotel has a refrigerator!). Also pretty reasonable: $110 for four, including tax and tip, apps, mains, nan, one desert, and five beers. We could have split three mains and had more than enough food.

                                    BTW, the neighborhood (Ballard) its in was a new one to me, and kind of cool. Reminded me of College Ave in North Oakland about ten years ago...you know, up and coming. We parked in front of a nice looking bar-restaurant (Sea Breeze) with a cool central fireplace, and ended going in there for an after-dinner cognac. We were chatting with the owner...the food is Italian and sounds like the real deal. Anyone ever eaten there??

                                    Enjoying our trip. Tomorrow is Pike's Market in the am, then on to Vancouver....Any suggestions for lunch stops on the way?? Answer soon....I'll log in before we leave!

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                                      In Vancouver....the first restaurant I visit on EVERY first night in Vancouver is BIN 941 on Davie St. near Granville St., I don't care how long I have to wait for a table, 1 or 2 hours, it's not an issue, I'll do ANYTHING for that Indian Fry Bread with Tomato Chutney and Balsamic Reduction, Beef Wellington, rare Lamb, big bottles of La Fin Du Monde....makes me want to drive there right now! On the way, you can take the cut off to Chuckanut Drive (I might have misspelled Chuckanut), which I think branches off I-5 north of Everett. Along this scenic drive you'll find a restaurant called The Oyster Bar...very, very, good. Just over the border along the beach drive in White Rock you'll find a bunch of fun cafe's and restaurants. Note: an Iced Mocha is called a Mochachillo, speaking Canadian makes you blend in :)

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                                        LUCKY!!! Each time I go to Vancouver I try to get into BIN 941 and it never works out. I'm absolutely dying to try it. I must make it my mission to eat there!

                                    2. My favorite Indian restaurant in Seattle? Hands down...Bengal Tiger. It's located right off of Roosevelt (near the Whole Foods) between 66th and 65th. I've probably tried every Indian restaurant in Seattle and this one is consistently the best. Their curries are absolutely divine and their malai kofta is a must try. I recommend going for dinner, though...they serve lunch but it never seems quite as fresh.

                                      1. Chutneys in the Wallingford Center, fantastic