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Feb 12, 2007 11:51 AM

Indian in Seattle? Vietnamese? Gyros?

The search engines are failing me. I'm still looking for places to eat when I'm up there later this month. DH wants Indian (surprise, surprise!). Vietnamese might also be good, and if anyone can lead him to a good gyros you will make a friend for life. Downtown preferable, but we will have a car......

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  1. In the international district for vietnamese you have excelent options in Lemongrass, Tamarind tree, and green leaf. Instead of a gyro, which I am hardpressed to think of a good one get a vietnamese sandwich in the ID from either Saigon Deli or Seattle Deli.

    I have not found that Seattle has amazing indian food but their are some decent options but none close to downtown. My favorite is India Bistro in ballard where they have very good tandori options.

    1. For Indian/Pakistani ldowntown (lunch only) try the lamb peas at Cafe Zum Zum. I"ve heard Bombay Grill and Chutneys are good but have not tried yet. There is a gyro place inside the Century square food court between 3rd and 4th at Pike but i have not tried it (probably also lunch only), you might also try Panos.

      1. Pabla Cuising of India [] has a wonderful buffet including numerous meat and vegetable dishes, tandoori chicken, naan and desserts. I eat lunch here fairly regularly.

        Lunch Buffet 7.99
        Mon - Sat : 11.00 am - 3.00 pm

        They also serve dinner until 10:00, 7 days a week. On Second Avenue, between Pike & Pine Streets.

        1. I love the gyros at Pike Place market. I can't comment on how authentic it is (though they do roast the lamb on a vertical spit) but I can say it is delicious.

          I will also second India Bistro in Ballard.

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            I second the vote for gyros in pike place! I had my first lamb gyro this weekend there and it was delicious- tender, lots of flavor, overall wonderful. There is also an excellent hole in the wall place on the main strip by the mix in university district. Regarding Indian- Tandoor in the uni district always gets great reviews and has a amazing buffet option for those that like to try everything. I would also suggest the Indian restaraunt in downtown edmonds right next to the ferry- excellent service and staff- they mix the flavors well. Chutneys on Capital Hill gets my vote also.

          2. I will third India Bistro, and for Gyros--but not really--Turkish Delight at the North end of pike place market (where it meets pike meets western) Has really good gyros type things (can't rmember the name for them) and lots of other great Trkish food.

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              Kefteh Kebab (spelling approximate).
              Served in good Pita (buy it at Big John's PFI), with a Tzatziki sort of a sauce and plenty vegetables.