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Feb 12, 2007 11:42 AM

Tapas in Jackson Heights?

I've passed a few places that claim to be tapas bars or at least serve tapas along Northern Blvd. and 37th Avenue, but haven't tried any. Does anyone have any tapas recommendations? They don't need to be authentically Spanish, just tasty.

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  1. Jardi is sort of tasty, I suppose. I am not a huge fan and if I were serious about going out for Tapas, I would go elsewhere. I always think the food is so-so and the bill is too much, but they do have a decent wine selection (at least they did a few months ago)

    1. There was a thread about a new tapas place on Northern that is owned by the same guy who owns Uncle Peters

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        I may be wrong, but I believe the place you're thinking about is Jardi, referenced above by orzabelle.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Purely by accident I happened on Jardí after a shopping trip to Despaña on Saturday. My fellow shoppers wanted a little drink since it was getting pretty crowded inside Despaña to enjoy oneself. By another fluke, we realized that we snagged the best bar seats for the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona soccer match. Pretty much everyone we saw pouring wine and enjoying the bustle of Despaña was in Jardí to watch the soccer match. I'm not sure if this is standard practice, but along with our sangria and wine orders, we were soon presented plates of chorizo and other complimentary items, like you would get in any bar in Spain. I'm thinking this was more because of the soccer match, but it was a nice surprise to get some standard dishes, no doubt supplied by Despaña. While nothing we ate was worthy of traveling great distances for, the entire experience of sitting in a restaurant full of Spanish and other Latino fans for what is equivalent to a NY-Boston game was priceless. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, and while feathers were ruffled during the game for fans of each team, it was a completely civil environment on a Saturday afternoon. I think the crowd was divided 60%-40% for Real Madrid, but Barcelona prevailed -- dominated actually. I have no idea what the place is like at night, but Jardí makes for a nice combination with a Saturday shopping trip to Despaña.

          1. I noticed the sign in front of Novo's mentions that during the Happy Hour tapas are 1/2 price. I've been to the Happy Hour a few times but never had the tapas. The Happy Hour is every day except Saturday from 4 to 6.

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              the happy hour at novo is very nice, although they seem more inclined to push mixed drinks than wine -- a by the glass selection that a vintner friend of mine (a one time local) called surprisingly good, given her low-ish expectations.

              the tapas are good if unadventurous. large portions, good ingredients. chorizo, olives, tortilla, and so on all hit the spot. it'd be nice if they opened things up a little, but that's not really their focus.....