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Feb 12, 2007 11:26 AM


Sister-in-law wants to go to the Saloon in Philly, anybody been recently?

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  1. will be going in a couple of weeks, but i am sure that it is still what it always has been (one of my favie restaurants). i am biased though, i grew up on the street it's on and love it for more than just the food, so maybe i shouldn't have bothered answering...:)

    1. always a qualtiy experience. Food Staff are top notch

      1. The saloon is one of the top restuarants (in my opinon) in the city. I have never had a bad meal. The apps,seafood and steaks are as good as anywhere. You almost feel trapped in time there, as if you were transported back to the 1940's. It has a very unique vibe. It is busy on the weekends for dinner so it is smart to make a reservation.

        1. I went last year and had a terrible experience. After appetizers, we waited over an hour for our entrees. Our server said a large party had put their order in right before ours. I would hope that a restaurant this of this size and reputation could either handle the four additional steaks we had ordered or make our wait worthwhile. When our food finally arrived, three of the four steaks were grossly overcooked. The server removed only one from the table and said she would take it off the bill. When the bill did arrive, it included an additional $15 charge for the mashed potatoes the waitress said she would substitute for two of the steak's mushrooms. All in all, the food, service and price were unexceptable. With so many great italian restaurants and steak houses in Philadelphia, why would anyone choose The Saloon?

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            Not to stick up for the Saloon because I really don't care, but I have been there a dozen or so times between special occasions, business dinners, and with friends and it has always been good. First impressions are a hard thing to get over, but I would say give it another shot and voice your concerns to the host (older gentleman) before sitting. He is very genuine/accomodating.

          2. Just be careful of the prices on the specials... ask first

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              I'LL Double that! Especial the "Special Veal Chop". Last time I saw price - a few year's ago when Craig Leban covered the restaurant- it was $55.00. I love the look on folks faces when they ask the waiter the price! But ASK!

              Steve R