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Feb 12, 2007 11:23 AM

Restaurants with Designer Uniforms

Can anyone think of which restaurants have designer uniforms, or uniforms at all? I can just think of Spice Market, and Kittichai I think. Chez es Saada used to - is that place still open?

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  1. 66 uses Vivienne Tam for their uniforms - who knows how that place is still open!

    1. I think Shag on Abingdon Square used to have Marc Jacobs duds, though I am note sure if that's still the case.

      1. chez es saada has been gone for a while.

        1. not a uniform, per se...but I had brunch at elmo the other day - and everyone was wearing the same white belt. No idea who made the belts.

          1. Hawaiian Tropic Zone (Nicole Miller)