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Feb 12, 2007 11:14 AM

Best Korean Food??

Hey everyone, I am new here but it looks like you all have really good information. SO, here is my situation, we are coming to NYC for a week in April and my husband is Korean. We live in Maine, he never gets Korean food so I want to go to the best place in NYC. Actually, we want to know the best place for a more "upscale" Korean place for like a special dinner, then maybe just a korean place that is more casual but still great food. Thanks for any advice you can give us!!

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  1. Try Woo Lae Oak on Mercer street in Soho. Just warning you though, it's more korean american fusion, not traditional korean. They have the mainstays of what is korean but created for a more non korean palate. And it is not cheap.

    I still think it's tasty though -- I'm korean. :)

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      Thanks a million! Actually, that is one of the places that Fodor's NY said was great, so we will definitely try it. Not cheap is ok, we really want a special night out.

    2. For a more casual place but with great great food - try KunJip on 32nd St. They do not take reservations and there is usually always a line to get in but isn't that usually a good sign? Of the several places I've been on 32nd St. KunJip is my favorite. Search the board for lots of posts.

      1. I second KunJip.
        Han Baht (35th st)
        Cho Dang Gol (35th st) for soon dubu
        Gam Mee Ok for sul-lung-tahng (32nd st)

        1. Thanks so much, i really appreciate the advice

          1. I really like Kum Gang San on 32nd Street. It's casual, but the setting is actually very nice. They have a very dramatic 2 story rock wall with a waterfall in the restaurant...cheesy some may argue, but fun nonetheless. Maybe it's not the spot for your special night out, but definitely worth a stop if your husband is craving Korean food.

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              I checked out that site and menu, it looks like it will be fun, plus I am willing to bet he will want Korean food at least 7 times in 7 days so we will have time to try a few places.