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Feb 12, 2007 11:04 AM

Galena lunch/dinner

We are going to Galena for a very small wedding. I'm looking for a place for lunch near Eagle Ridge and for dinner that is good (with an 8 yr. old in tow). Someplace that won't break the bank, but good food. Any ideas?

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  1. You might want to try the Midwest board. Galena's a long way from Chcago.

    1. Eagle Ridge is about 10 miles from anything. You might want to just eat at the Restaurant there at the Galena Territory, where Eagle Ridge is, otherwise you're going to drive a ways.

      1. This should help you. We have liked Fried Green Tomatoes which is Italian based but yes, the town of Galena is farther west from Eagle Ridge. Don't know much about the restaurants at Eagle Ridge though I have seen some so so reviews.

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          I'm going to second Fried Green Tomatoes....good food, reasonably priced, solid service, classy enough to be enjoyable, but laid back enough for the kid.

        2. There are three different restaurants at Eagle Ridge. You can read about them and browse their menus on their website:

          There are several topics in the Midwest forum about Galena, although nothing particularly recent.

          1. I never liked any of the restaurants in Eagle Ridge, they're mass-produced hotel food-tasting. I think you're better just going down Main street in town to a local cafe or stocking up in the supermarket in Elizabeth and making something at Eagle Ridge. (General Store at Eagle Ridge is WAY overpriced)