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Anyone been to the new Westville East?

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How is it? As good as Westville or the old Westville East?

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  1. not as yet--but passed by this past weekend and the place was packed and the menu looks good

    1. It was quite good. had the chicken reuben and was tasty most everyone around me were eating the brunch spcls and it looked good. Service a little harried and placew gwas packed the veggie menu was inventive and and exhaustive mustbtry for next time!

      1. We had a solid experience there during its opening weekend. Waited thirty minutes (party of 2) at 9pm and were offered a complimentary beer or wine while we waited.

        As compared to Westville:
        -Same no rezzie policy
        -Roughly twice the size, and half the atmosphere
        -Younger crowd (presumably NYUer)
        -Identical menu
        -Burger with grilled onions similarly transcendent
        -"Market" vegetable sides were as good, although W.E. ran out of some (a reasonable opening weekend miscalculation)

        1. rwestville runs out of the market veggies as well. it just happens.

          1. they have a nice weekend brunch

            1. The food is almost as good, but the service is sometimes abysmal. The last time I was there, the staff seated me and my boyfriend, even though the third member of our party had yet to arrive. We weren't surprised--after all, there were plenty of empty tables and my prior experience had shown me that the staff was laid-back. However, after we were seated, a waitress approached us, looked at us disapprovingly, and then told us we had to move because a party of four had just arrived. We complied and moved to another empty table. The waitress then eyed us and asked us if we were sure our third member would be arriving shortly. We said yes. Then a manager came over and asked us why we had sat down. We responded that a waiter had told us to sit down. He proceeded to say he didn't believe us. Then, extremely disappointed, we walked out. When our friend arrived, she spoke with the manager. He didn't seem to care that we had been treated with such disregard. I don't think I have the heart to go back there after this, though I will certainly return to the original restaurant on the West side.

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                been there about a half a dozen times. always had decent to good food with good service. never encountered what the above poster went thru. in fact i went with my gf and another friend was meeting us in about 20 minutes and we were sat immediately. we ordered and got served and then he showed up. no problem.

                i do agree that the place does lack atmosphere but i'm not expecting the four seasons.

              2. Service is no good, but they're distracted at the W. Vill branch as well. The open windows make the space feel much roomier/brighter than the darker W. Vill branch. But we had dinner at 7pm on Sunday and they had already run out of the guacamole special and the veggie burger. And a homeless guy was asking diners for change through the open windows.

                1. I was there a few months ago, shortly after it opened, and had a surprisingly bad meal. I ordered the fish n' chips, it was 2 really small pieces of greasy fish that had no flavor. I had recently eaten at the west side one and loved my meal, so I was very disappointed. Maybe they were still working out some kinks, but overall i was very unimpressed...I'd go back to the west side, but not sure about the east side.