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Long John Silver's-yea or nea?

I am picky with fast food as I am watching my diet. That said, a friend just went to Long Lohn Silver's and had the baked cod, which claims to be 120 calories. With the corn cobette for 95 calories, this could almost be healthy. I cannot beleive that the quality is going to be good (besides the fact I am not a HUGE fan of cod), but for a quick lunch, this looks reasonable. Any opinions?

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  1. Well, if you must eat fast food on a diet and you want something reasonably tasty the only option I'd consider is Subway-despite those really annoying Jered ads.
    If you aren't on a lowcarb diet get a veggie sandwich on wholegrain. If carbs are an issue get a salad. While it is iceberg lettuce there's plenty of veggies too make up for the tasteless lettuce. The dressings are awful though...start carrying a bottle of your own favourite lo-cal in your car or purse.

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      I do hate the Jared ads, but the veggie is really great. Here's how I think of it. If I'm buying fast food, buy food that is messed with as little as possible. They're not injecting the onions with hfcs and trans fats (i don't think...). Plus, there's a lot more flavor there than in lots of other stuff... but this isn't about subway.

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        I just get oil and vinegar (light on the oil, heavy on the vinegar) and skip the sauces. Yuck. Also lots of pepper.

      2. I've had on-again, off-again experiences with LJS/A&W. But I don't go for the healthy stuff -- popcorn shrimp, parmesan fish bites (the regular ones are yucky) and A&W root beer on tap! :-P

        1. Long John Silver's is not something I see often in the Twin Cities. Maybe that's a good thing. I have too many *guilty pleasures* with fast food as it is.

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            I think there are a few of them out in the suburbs. The only one I ever see is in Mall of America. My father doesn’t get around so well and we go out to the Mall once a week just to walk. I have to say, Long John Silver’s has become one of our favorite lunch spots out there. I think the fried fish is very tasty for a fast food place. Based on this thread I’ll keep an eye out for the baked cod....

            Uncle Ira

          2. I have a Long Johns/KFC nearby, and the fish on their platters does a real good job of soaking up some alcohol after a night at the bars, that and some chicken wings hit the spot sometimes.

            The KFc fried chicken is just a standby, living in a rural area just outside Chicago, we have some really good mom & pop style fried chicken spots..

            1. having grown up in Kansas, far from any decent fish (other than what my grandpa caught out of the lake), we did eat Long John's from time to time. Festival o'grease. But occasionally, that's just what you gotta have. (Not very often, mind you; the nearest one is about 45 miles away and it's probably been at least three years since I ate there.)

              1. The Baked Cod Plate at LJS as is is a nay. Although it's a good source of protein and fiber, it's a bit high in total fat (31g) and really high in sodium (1520mg). The fat can be handled by passing on the coleslaw, which contributes almost half. The sodium is contributed by the rice and by the hushpuppies to a lesser extent. Perhaps if the LJS would agree to substitute another cobbette for the coleslaw and then only eat half the rice in the combo, that would make for a fairly healthy meal (about 510 calories). You might also skip the hushpuppies as they contain a gram of trans fat per.

                1. my family likes the fish and more plates
                  i like the chicken and shrimp
                  corn and fries are not bad
                  the way i see it it is not perfect fish or shrimp but it is fast food or on the go seafood and not bad for the price
                  had one near my house in the mid 1990s and i ate there all the time during lent
                  it was packed

                  1. Long John Silvers went through a bad patch several years ago due to a change in corporate management that really screwed up what had been a perfectly serviceable fast-food chain. However, since they got brought under the Yum Brands umbrella, they're back to being not-bad. I wouldn't go out of my way, but if I was hungry and it was lunchtime and LJS was among the options in the immediate neighborhood, I would pick it over most places.

                    1. gag me, frozen factory fish, either fast and save your time and $$ or worse case, opt for subway.

                      1. What's funny is since making this orginal post, the LJS by me has closed. Never made it there....but it sounds like I am not missing anything!

                        1. We hit LJS in Tracy on the way to Modesto every few months. It's the midway point for us and a good hit. It's quick and inoffensive and I like the baked cod, though I prefer the "plank" fish. The daughter-units love the kids' popcorn shrimp.

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                            LJS in Tracy has been closed for 3+ years.

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                              Then what's that across from McD and Giant Burger as you exit south on Central Tracy off 205? I'm pretty sure the sign said LJS. But I'll admit visiting every March, July, and Dec does not make my memory any better.

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                                There was a LJS in Tracy, probably for 20+ years, they closed a few years ago, the building is still there but vacant.

                                There is a LJS in Lodi.

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                              You're describing the lone Arthur Treacher's outpost on Richmond Highway. It's like stepping through some greasy, fishy time portal. The pictures of the food have that faded, burned-in UV look that Chinese carryout photos have when they've been taped up to the windows forever.

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                                i can't believe that arthur treachers is still there. man, it is ancient! (don't they offer garum as a condiment? ;-).

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                                  I actually went out of my way to go there 6 months ago and loaded up on food. At least they give you lots of packets of tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and hot sauce so you can balance out the old grease flavor. Anyway, it killed my cravings forever but if it is ever convenient for me I might stop in and pick up something.

                              2. The LJS in Fort Mohave, Arizona is a hit-n-miss type affair. Combo'ed with a Taco Bell the fish is pretty good while the Hushpuppies are always good. The last Chicken Plank I had tasted as though it had set out under a heat lamp for decades. I also had to laugh when I compared the combo meal that I had purchased with the photo placed near the cash register. Nope, not even close. And the crunchies (the best part) that are supposed to be in the bottom of the paper tray? You could pick 'em all up with a thumb and finger. Always ask how long it has been since it was cooked. I will when I visit Long John Silvers our any fast food joint.

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                                  I agree BnF! As a kid I was super picky and my mom would reluctantly order me a "side" of crunchies (a little boat full) and hushpuppies for my meal. A few years back i had the salmon platter...a don't for sure.

                                2. AFter reading this thread, it set up a craving and I went for lunch today and got a fried fish platter. Decent enough stuff. Fresh oil, fresh out of the fryer, tender hushpuppies, the slaw was crisp and not gloppy. Yes, the fish itself has almost no flavor, but it didn't have any "off" taste, either. I liked it better than a lot of the fast food I've had over the last couple of months. Probably a good thing it's nowhere close to my regular routes.