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Feb 12, 2007 10:19 AM

Reading or Morgantown, PA

Going for breakfast to Shady Maple in Morgantown, thinking of staying overnight in reading -any ideas for a good casual dinner? Maybe a hotal suggestion also?

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  1. Let me first say that I do not spend much time at all in Reading. But one Saturday during this past summer, I was looking for a day trip to Reading. And, in researching a restaurant, the following three were my top choices.

    We chose the Austrian pub! And, let me tell you, it was a hoot! Now, it is not gourmet cuisine by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fun experience! The woman who took our reservation just barely spoke English. There is a strolling accordian player that takes requests (we heard Edelweiss a million times!). They have traditional schnitzel and cabbage and buttered noodles. And, after dinner, you can visit their gift shop and buy yourself some lederhosen with a matching hat!

    If you are looking a for a different type of fun and laid back experience in Reading, this may be it!


    1. Although not right in Reading, Cab Frye's in Palm is nice and so is the Oley Valley Inn and if you haven't visited the reading cvb website yet, here it is

      1. Have fun at the Shady Maple. While not exactly fine dining, I always seem to enjoy it. Technically speaking, it's located in East Earl, not Morgantown, but close enough.

        I wouldn't recommend any restaurants in Morgantown proper. Except maybe the Heritage, if you are looking for something very "casual." I like their chicken wings.

        If you've never been there, consider Stoudts Brewery on Rt. 272 in Adamstown They are well known as one of the finer microbreweries on the east coast. For dining, you can choose the formal dining room or the more casual pub area. Both are great.

        In Reading, I would recommend Hong Thanh at 6th and Court Street if you like Vietnamese. Great food at reasonable prices in a nice setting. Also, Canal Street Pub is usally pretty decent.

        One of my favorite restaurants in the Reading area is Frank & Diannah's Arbor Inn in Mt Penn. Great food in a cozy setting. It is a little pricey though, but I've never been dissappointed.

        I agree the Oley Valley Inn is a great choice, though also a bit pricey and not exactly what I'd call casual. You might also consider Stokesay Castle

        1. Oh I forgot to mention the Ugly Oyster in Reading if you are looking for something casual. It's on 21 S 5th St.

          1. I was wondering if the OP had made it to Reading. If not, here is another Reading area restaurant to consider.

            Austins is one really good place for casual dining. Their food is above the TGI Fridays level of dining but their prices are in the same range. One of the best bets for baby back ribs in the area. Every time I have been here, the service has been great too. Apparently, the same owners also own the J.B. Dawson's restaurant is the Philly area, but Austins was first.


            Let us know how it goes!

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