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Feb 12, 2007 10:01 AM

Need a casual restaurant walking distance from Rittenhouse hotel

We're looking for a casual restaurant within walking distance from the Rittenhouse hotel. Anything from Burgers to Indian food will do but would prefer something that takes reservations and is kid friendly as we will be dining out on a Friday night.

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  1. Marathon Grill at 19th and Spruce. Not sure about reservations.

    1. Pietro's on Walnut between 17th and 18th would get my vote. It's a nice place, casual, reasonable prices, and good pizza. They also offer other dishes as well. A few blocks from your telly.

      1. Pietro's is good for kids as is Tequila's, although I have not been to the latter in several years. The pizza at Pietro's is great but the appetizers there are skippable. Tequila's has decent mexican cuisine and is fancier but they are ok with kids.

        1. How well-behaved are the kids? Devon Seafood Grill is fine if they're the kind of kids who can behave at a Fridays-level restaurant.

          1. Loie is my favorite choice. Brasserie on 19th between sansom amd walnut. Nothing over 20 bucks. Lovely presentations in a very casual setting.