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Feb 12, 2007 09:56 AM

Chinese Pressed Duck

Does anyone know of a Chinese restaurant that still serves Pressed Duck. I understand it has dropped of the menu in most Chinese restaurants.

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  1. Its usually served as a crusted rice dish with other cured meats like sausages. I'm not familar with your area but if you find a restaurant that serves claypot crusted rice dishes then you will mostly find your pressed duck.

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    1. re: designerboy01

      Preserved duck is not the same as pressed duck.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        My bad. Is lop op preserved or pressed? I always thought it was those squished ducks I used to see hanging on Grant Avenue.

        1. re: Cindy

          Lop op is preserved duck. It has a waxy texture and is very salty.

          The flattened ducks hanging in the take-out windows are peipa op, mandoline duck.

          Here's a recent discussion of pressed duck (woh siu op), which I suspect is what the original poster is seeking.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks. I never knew there was a difference.

    2. I think Yimster had a clay pot dish with preserved duck (lop op, right?) Here's his post:

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      1. re: Cindy

        Thank you Cindy! You made my day. One of my very favorite dishes, but a bit labor intensive for home prep....

        1. re: Cindy

          You got it right. It was a mixed rice clay pot with lop op (duck), lop chong (sausage) and lop yuke (side pork).

          A easy dish to make, best in a clay pot but a rice cooker will work just fine. This a dish we hava a lot at home on cold winter nights. We do both clay pots when I am not lazy but normal just toss a couple of pieces of lop something in the rice cooker. I normal add the meat over the rice but I know of other who place the meat in a plate over the rice in the steaming tray. The meat is more flavorful but none of the lop flavor in the rice. I not a fan of that.

          Gayle is right pressed duck is a lot of work, not worth the effort.

        2. Kam's Restaurant 3624 Balboa St San Francisco , CA 94121 Phone: (415) 752-6355

          Yet Wah on clement

          "Golden Rice Bowl Restaurant" ("Chinese Bistro" ??!!)
          1030 Irving between 11th and 12th ave. 731-8110

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          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            Oops - I thanked Cindy but I meant to thank ChowFun Derek. Thank you Derek!

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              Sorry, had the Almond pressed duck at Kam's and it was pretty bad. Not like anything I used to have.

              1. re: birdie74

                I didn't say it was "good"...just that they had it.....!

            2. I've had pressed (flattened) duck twice in my life: once at the Empress of China, in chinatown, and once at the Peking chinese restaurant in downtown Red Bluff, of all places--probably outside your geographic area of interest. Haven't been to either in years, but I'd bet they both still have pressed duck.

              1. Don't forget New Hai Ky on Irving at 22nd or 23rd. They have that flattened or pressed duck. They use good quality rice with their roast/BBQ duck, chicken and pork plates, too. It's cheap on top of that, also. It was one of my regular spots when I was living in the city. Not at all greasy like Cheung Hing-Noriega can be, but I'll eat greasy at Cheung Hing-Noriega, too.

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                1. re: velozo155

                  Are you referring to the hanging ducks flattened and shaped like a guitar (or violin?)
                  If so, they are completely from the dish...old fashioned 'pressed duck'.

                  The food is great there isn't it?!

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    Yes, it is...and at a great bargain, too! In addition to the BBQ items over rice, I like their soy sauce chicken, house special chow fun with gravy, and their roast duck noodle soups. I'm gonna stop talking about it, because I'm six hours away living back in LA. Can't find that kind of food with the same quality/price around here.