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1 Night in Sobe - drinks at S&W then where?

There are lots of great recommendations here but I have some specific questions that I'd appreciate some help with...

S&W for drinks sounds like our idea of a good time, so given this as a starting point which restaurants would fit the following:
- walking distance from S&W
- something in the $200 or less range
- not too jarring of an atmospheric change (if we're in a "great drinks at S&W" mood and want to continue in that vein then where would we go?) - not sure if I'm making sense, but I guess what I mean is if S&W has a relaxed, not see & be seen vibe then we probably won't be in the mood for a big change in tempo or for a wardrobe change
- we do want a place that has a unique SOBE feel. We live in DC and have lots of great restaurants here, we want to feel like were in SOBE not at home
- we're only in SOBE for the evening (unfortunately) so we would like a place we can make a reservation at since we don't have much flexibility

Oh, and one more thing, our one night is St. Patrick's day - does this make any difference?

I know - crazy list of Q's - any help you can offer would be great! Slainte!

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  1. One other thing - I just found a thread that mentions Joe's Stone Crab has fried chicken - I am a huge crab fan, but my boyfriend isn't so I hadn't considered Joe's. In light of the fried chicken maybe we would consider going here?...Is there a good strategy for getting in on a Saturday night? Thanks!

    1. You can walk down the block to Prime 112. Joe's is also a good idea.

      1. The Joe's fried chicken is (1) excellent; and (2) possibly one of the greatest deals in town at $6.95 for a half chicken. However, my only strategy for getting in has been to go with someone who has mastered the art of greasing the maitre'd. I don't know the secrets, I just know who to ask to go with when I'm in the mood.

        For SoBe feel but not too jarring a change from S&W, I'd suggest Nemo. It's around 1st or 2nd and Collins Avenue, and while the food is good to very good (unfortunately the menu almost never changes so locals don't return often), I really do love the feel of the place even more. You're not right on Ocean Drive but you're one street over and really do feel close to the beach, there's a bunch of nice seating areas inside and out, doesn't feel like it's trying to be a nightclub, etc.

        1. Thanks Sobe! I think we will try for Joe's and if it looks impossible to get in we'll try Nemo's or Prime 112 (both have great looking menus). Would it be horrible of me to book one of those for later in the evening, see if we can get into Joe's earlier and if we can I will cancel our reservation? I am imagining it will be busy in South Beach so my cancelled table will not go unoccupied...

          One other thought - we love Ceviche (the restuarant) in Tampa. Are there any good tapas places for dinner in SOBE?

          Thanks! K

          1. Interestingly, I think Nemo & Prime 112 are under same ownership. For better or worse, folks routinely book and cancel, much to the chagrin of restaurant mgmt - at least making an early call to cancel lets the restaurant free up the table.

            There is a place called Tapas Y Tintos on Espanola Way (between 14th & 15th Streets running west from Washington Ave.) which I've heard good things about but haven't been to. Espanola is a fun little side street to walk but is on the other side of South Beach from S&W.

            My favorite tapas place is off SoBe, a place called El Carajo in the back of a gas station off US1 and 17th Ave. (yes I know that sounds unlikely) about 10-15 minutes off the Beach and on the way toward Coconut Grove.

            1. Thank Frodnesor (should have thanked you earlier too!) I think I've seen your posts about the place behind the gas station and it sounds really good - but seeing as we're only in SOBE for one meal I thought we'd go for something a little more on the beaten path!

              1. What is S&W? Curious, since I'll be heading down to SoBe soon. Thanks!

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                  S&W = Smith and Wollensky. Killer vodka martinis (Ketel One slightly dirty) and great crabcake app. Try to get an outside table around sunset and watch the cruise ships come in/go out of port. Located at the southern end of SOBE, I think that area is called South Pointe. But I'm from Philly so what the hell do I know :-)

                2. Nemo, Joe's or P112 are perfect. Is Pearl no longer in vogue and serving up haute cuisine? It's very South Beachy, but if it's empty and the food no longer worthy you're better off with the tried and true. Nemo is solid, as is P112 and of course Joe's is a SOBE institution. They have a nice bar if you get stuck waiting long and you can always order an app or two there.

                  Other options would be China Grill or Tuscan Steak House. 5 blocks as opposed to 2. Both would fit the bill.

                  OPA is awesome and right near but not in the same league as the aforementioned.

                  1. Thanks for the great suggestions - my first choice, Prime 112, isn't available (unless we want to eat at 5:00 or 11:00!) - so now I think we're going to just try and wing it. We're staying at The Dorset (across from The Delano) and I think we'll start near there and hit a few bars for drinks and a bite instead of trying to get a table for a full blown dinner. That way we can try a few places on our one night. The bars at the Delano and The National have been suggested, and the Shore Club. any other suggestions? Is Smith & Wollensky's bar overlooking the water good enough to warrant cabbing down to that end of the beach to start and then making our way back to our hotel stopping along the way? If we did it that way we try to get in at Joe's and the bar at Prime 112. Thanks in advance for your help!!

                    1. I've always enjoyed the Delano bar and Shore Club is also nice, especially if it's nice weather. If you're in that neck of the woods I wouldn't bother hauling all the way across the beach for S&W. The bar at the Setai is quite elegant as is the rest of the hotel but I don't know that there's much of a crowd there. I also like the atmosphere at Social in the Sagamore. Food there is quite clever although I thought the execution was only so-so (Michelle Bernstein did the menu but doesn't, to my understanding, actually work the restaurant). Lots of small tasting portions.

                      1. Take the 25 cent Local shuttle to the southside! S&W prior to sunset is a special vibe and you can get a bite right there at the bar...then stumble over to Joe's oppulant Bar for more munchies if the thought of a potential two hour wait is unbarable, otherwise, you can do Joe's Takeaway, they have a few two tops and a window counter where you can sit, or wait at Joe's bar patiently for your table. Nemo, P112's sister restaurant and the owner's first sobe incarnation, is right near there too and well worth considering. The bar at P112 will be a zoo and trying to eat there will be either impossible or very uncomfortable.

                        OLA up near your hotel is also worth considering. 1 night in SOBE...Hit 'em all!!!