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Feb 12, 2007 09:46 AM

Finally tried Xochitl

A friend and I opted to sit at the bar for some cocktails and appetizers and were so impressed. The bartenders Erin and Bob were great- so much fun and were mixing some delicous drinks- we opted not to move to our table for dinner. The margaritas here are amazing- no sugar loaded mixes to be found. Super fresh! Also tried a few other drinks that were equally delicous.

The guacamole was by far the best I have had. We also loved the carpaccio ceviche- very light and yummy! Great flavor. We also shared another appetizer or 2 that was outstanding.

For dessert, we shared the churros and they were spectacular. We loved the food, service and ambience of this place and will be back.

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  1. Oh! Thanks so much for the review. I am a huge guacamole girl! I'll have to get there soon!