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Feb 12, 2007 09:43 AM

Saha on Sutter

I'm thinking about it for Valentines day and I've never been.
Do you all like this place?
What's the crowd like?

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  1. Saha is my current favorite restaurant. I love their food.

    After years of refusing to go out on Valentine's Day, last yeat we went to Saha. It was everything people complain about on VDay - crowded, staff had difficulty keeping up with service, luxury foods at a premium prices - that said, it was probably the best possible experience one can have on VDay.

    But Saha's food is so good and so reasonably priced normally, that I would say that if your first visit is on VDay, you won't be meeting them at their best.

    Anyway, this year, we're staying home.

    1. maybe I'll go on Tues instead and have Valentines at home. thanks - I'm looking forward to it.