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Feb 12, 2007 09:43 AM

Menudo spots in Phoenix?

I'm looking for your recs on RED chile menudo in central (Downtown or Midtown) Phoenix. I have found a couple of good places near south mountain and in Mesa, but I'm new to the central corridor and I need a fix. Thanks!

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  1. Phoenix Ranch Market - food court (16ST/Roosevelt)

    My husband had some a couple of months ago that he enjoyed. You do have to ask for chile or they will serve it white(an abomination to my taste buds). It came with limes and oregano on the side like I'm used to.

    If you're looking for good posole, you can find it at Fry Bread House(7 AV/N. of Indian School). They call it "Red Chile Stew" on the menu.

    I prefer posole to menudo myself - not much of a tripe fan.

    1. Rosita's Place 2310 E. McDowell has great menudo on week-ends,they have Rojo Y Blanco with all the fixin's.
      Haven't tried Ranch Market's yet but everything else I've had there has been great so I would imagine their Menudo would be good also.

      1. Carolinas on Mohave and 12th st. They have Menudo on Saturdays only.

        Here's thier website. They have a location off of Cactus and 21st st. as well

        1. I don't know if it is red, but on New Year's day I ate at Rosita's in Mesa and I saw an inordinate number of bowls of Menudo being served. Could have just been the hang over cure or good luck for new years driving the sales but you may want to check.


          1. This is all great information. Thanks!

            I'll report back as a menudo 'expert'. ;-)