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Milestones - Any point?

I need a very generic and can't go wrong sort of place in the yonge and sheppard area. What is your opinion of milestones for dinner, anything worth ordering? We're not in the mood for sushi or other asian which eliminates most of the choices in the area!

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  1. It's fine for a casual, take no-chances dinner. Take a look at their menu. It looks good.


    1. For a middle of the road reliable dinner I like Milestones - however, I prefer Moxies - also at Yonge and Sheppard. Here's their menu: http://www.moxies.ca/index2.htm. I usually order a few appetizers, instead of mains, because the couple times I've been there have been more for drinks, late bite. I liked their ahi tuna crisps, avocado spring rolls and the szechuan green beans.
      At Milestone's, I always order the Vegetarian Thai Noodle Salad. I enjoyed the edamame appetizer (although it seemed oilier than usual). Last time I was there my sister had the beef tacos and my friend had the steak and both were happy enough.
      Both have a chain-y atmosphere, and good service.

      1. it's fine if you have low-ish expectations. start with a giant Bellini- that helps!
        for one of those chain type places it is better than expected imo.

        1. With Milestones, we prefer to sit downstairs in the bar, not up in the dining area and we stick to appetizers --- eating almost 'tapas' style -- definitely have a Bellini!!!

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            Yeah... definitely swig back Bellinis early and often. Should help stomach the mains.

          2. I thought the red curry chicken bowl presentation was on a par with cruise ships

            1. There's also Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview & Sheppard. These three joints pretty much cover it for the middle of the road stuff.

              1. OBCG for sure is the far better choice. They serve 'real' food.

                1. Don't order the steak at Milestones....it SUCKS!!!

                  1. For Milestone's, I had the portabello mushroom a chicken a while back and thought it was surprisingly really good - tried to repeat the experience at a later point in time and it wasn't anything special on that occasion.

                    Another alternative is Xavier's (3 Elmhurst Avenue). Tried it out a couple of months ago and thought it was a nice place, with above average food and amiable service. I would describe the cuisine as continental with a slight Italian focus.

                    1. If you're driving O&B is better for sure. But in the immediate area Milestone's isn't horrible. I prefer it over Moxie's - the location is a bit more pleasant and not as claustrophobic as the Moxie's with the dark interior and low ceilings.

                      I usually get the Red Curry Chicken Bowl when I'm forced to go there as it's always predictably adequate and doesn't cost too much (I hate paying too much for something I know I can get better elsewhere at the same price) and also has some greens on the plate. The little cinnamon crisp is kind of fun. Also have the dry rib appetizer sometimes which is indeed dry but tasty...

                      The bellinis are more like blender drinks but yummy if you're looking for something slushy and sweet.

                      1. My kids like Milestone's so we go there occasionally (Yorkdale location). I usually have the grilled chicken salad, which is quite good. It's got a decent lime vinaigrette and a not-too-sweet peanut dressing drizzled on top.

                        I prefer Milestone's to other restaurants of its ilk. The food seems to be prepared to order, not pre-portioned and reheated.